Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

6 Useful tips to buy the best canopies for your UTE

UTEs are an all-purpose vehicle that attracts a wide range of people from various walks of life. Whether you are going on a field trip to enjoy your leisure or transporting essential goods, UTEs are the perfect pick for you. Regardless of the purpose of the vehicle, adding a canopy can take its functionality and appearance to the next level. With a lockable and covered storage space, this versatile vehicle becomes more valuable. You can find a wide range of UTE canopy in Brisbane that protects the storage tray from elements and grubby thieves. 

Canopies are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials. While these varieties empower you to pick the most suited one, it also leads to a lot of ambiguities. Here are some tips that would help you choose the best canopies that can elevate the value of your vehicle.

  • Identify your preferred style

UTE is a versatile vehicle that serves the needs of a wide array of users. Keeping that in mind, manufacturers provide plenty of options in canopies. You can pick the configuration that addresses your specific needs. To the most basic, you can choose a full canopy, part canopy, or a tool cover module. Also, make conscious efforts to identify and list out your requirements within these broad categories to make the best choice.

  • Know your options

Depending on your requirements that can be camping, adventure tour, load transport, etc, you will find several options in the market. Canopies are available in various materials and styles. For instance, if you use your UTE for load transfer, choose lightweight options that can maximize your load-carrying capacity. For adventure lovers, a full solid canopy with a sports bar would be the ideal choice. So, do your research to understand the market options and their pros and cons.

  • Consider budget

Budget consideration is not straight forward. While in the beginning you may be enticed to put your money in cheaper models, you also need to evaluate the longevity and usage. Consider the way you are going to use your vehicle and canopy to reach a justified amount that you can spend on a canopy. If you can get a model that will deliver greater value in the future, spending a little more will be profitable.

  • Look for external accessories

Canopies also come with a wide range of external accessories such as gas bottle restraints, ladder slides, roof bars, tray boxes, etc. You should consider the needs of your mobile workspace before finalizing the type of canopy and external accessories you should buy.

  • Pay attention to inner accessories

Internal accessory modules are available and can be custom-tailored to suit your special needs. You can get them designed to fit in the item storage requirements and maximize the productivity in your line of work. Some popular internal accessories include drawers, roof racks, rubber matting, fire extinguishers, etc.

  • Decide on the suspension upgrade

Before you put your money in buying a canopy, consider the suspension upgrade needs. If you are in a business that involves transporting extra equipment or luggage, you may need to upgrade your rear suspension to accommodate the same. This upgrade can be done at the same time as canopy installation. Considering it beforehand helps in picking the canopy in the right size, shape, and style.

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