Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Upgrade Your Bike For a Better Ride

If you are a professional biker, then you want the best for your ride.  As much as possible adding some custom design is a great way to be unique and one of a kind. There are many ways you can do this. A bike is completely customizable. Since the market for bikes is growing, you will never be short on parts or accessories. One of the more important aspects of the bike is its lighting. Not only do lights keep you safe when biking at night, but they also look stylish. When it comes to these you will want the best bicycle lights and accessories. Knog can help you in this regard. They have a wide variety of bicycle lights and accessories that will customize your ride. These products will help you stay safe and stand out too. You can buy these products and start making your ride on to remember.

Lil’ Cobber Twinpack

This bike lighting is a set that you are sure to love. Both the front and rear lights have 330 degrees of light. This way you will be able to see what is in front of you. Additionally, people will be able to see you coming. It can be seen clearly from a distance ensuring your safety. These lights are also great and effective when it comes to attracting attention in both day and night settings. Having front and rear headlights is very important for those who use their bikes on a daily basis. More so true if you use your bike on roads with lots of cars. These lights will give you the safety room you need to peddle safely and at a distance from oncoming cars.

Blinder Mini Dot

Having a blinder on your bike is a good idea if you plan on riding well-lit roads. It will reflect the surrounding light and flash a bright color that can be seen from a distance. Being seen from distance is important so cars and pedestrians know of your presence. This will help in preventing unwanted accidents. These accessories are not just a great way to customize, but also a safety precaution. It will give you the added visibility to stay safe on roads and sidewalks.

Oi Classic Bike Bell

Another accessory that you will want for your bike is a bell. Bells are a great way to capture the attention of your surroundings ensuring you do to run into anyone. With the great selection from Knog, you can choose one that is well suited for your bike. These bells do not just have a functional feature, but they also look great. Additionally, it features a beautiful tone that is not annoying to hear. It is made with great care so that it is durable and reliable. You will not need to worry about it breaking down at the wrong times.

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