Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

What Are The Best BMW Modifications?

Owning a BMW has always been about having a car that is reliable, good looking, packed with features and all-around safe. This is the reason why people will readily buy a Bimmer even if it has been previously owned and is a little rough around its edges.

With that stated, did you know that there are lots of subtle ways you can modify your Bimmer without breaking your bank?

This post will discuss some of the best BMW modifications that don’t cost much but surely can increase the appeal factor of your Bimmer by many folds.

Here goes –

How about a stage 1 ECU software upgrade?

ECU stands for Electronic Control Unit. This is like a small computer that controls the overall –

·       Torque

·       Fuel flow

·       Engine RPM and

·       Related performance factors of your BMW.

Upgrading the stock ECU of your BMW could increase its horsepower output by more than 30 units. You can also increase the mileage of your Bimmer, by choosing a setting that suits your driving style.

Take your car to a BMW specialist Perth mechanic certified by the OEM and ask the professional to install the sensors. It will take less than 20 minutes.

The best part, the changes made on your car are not at all permanent. If you wish to return your car back to its original settings, you can do that easily.

Care to replace the stock charge pipe with a performance upgrade package?

According to renowned certified BMW mechanic Perth, a charge pipe is a pipe that feeds exhaust fumes that have left the engine of your car to the turbo so that the latter can spool up and give your car a boost in power. Upgrading the stock charge pipe will increase the throttle response of your Bimmer and decrease turbo lag (if any).

Whatever you do, make sure that the certified mechanic is using a strong clamp to hold the pipe in its place thus keeping instances of charge leaks at bay.

You can always upgrade the stock turbo with a performance turbo

Upgrading the stock turbo of your Bimmer is a great way to increase its horsepower. Just keep in mind that this could be a bit of a costly affair and it would definitely take a lot of time but in the end, the time and money you will be spending on your Bimmer, will be worth it.

Things to keep in mind –

·       You may or may not need to install an intercooler

·       You would need to install a blow-off valve with 8 PSI capacity.

·       You should have a boost controller that would allow you to alter the boost range on-the-fly.

·       You will also need to install a water temperature gauge, turbo boost gauge and oil temperature gauge.

Just be sure to ask your BMW-certified mechanic to install all of the above, for the best results.

Always ensure that irrespective of the modification you are planning to make in your Bimmer, you would need to take your car to a BMW-certified mechanic. Doing all the modifications yourself is not at all recommended as BMW cars are like computers on wheels. These cars are not at all suitable for their owners to work on. They should be subjected to the expertise of a BMW-certified mechanic. It is the only way to ensure that the modifications will work and the car will be safe, both for you and for the people on the roads.

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