Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

What can you keep in mind before going to get your car repaired. 

The average age of vehicles on the road has reached the age of 10.8 years according to a recent research. The customers who are cost concious are making sure they keep their trucks and cars than trade them for newer models. However this means both good and bad. This also means that numerous drivers on the road are delaying the need to have a maintenance or repair as a cost effective measure and to save on money.

Sadly, delaying service doesn’t only represent false economy, it can compromise on the safety of the car. The car experts believe that the best way through which you can save money over the course of the car’s life is to choose a car repair app or a full service repair shop that is high quality or simply go for the service department of the dealership and let them do all the repair work and maintenance. This helps avoiding breakdowns in the long run and saves up on a lot of money by giving an opportunity to drivers to make small repairs here and there than go make a bigger one that can cost them a lot. 

What to do when you take your car to the dealership

Making the entire decison to take the car to the service centre is just half the battle won. Every customer needs to know how to get the most out of the repair shop and the technician so that things don’t ultimately become sour. There’s one thing that you must always do when you meet your mechanic is to communicate properly. It is always better to talk freely to your mechanic about the issues you are facing with the car from top to bottom than waiting for him to figure out what’s wrong. That way it become easier for the technician to diagnose and then simultaneously fix the problem. It’s a very good idea to note down before time what all issues you are facing with the vehicle. Whether there are specific sounds that are bothering you, leaks, any weird sensations, strange smells or any specific sounds. Incase your car has broken down, explain to the technician what happened before the car stopped. Was there any sound and how was it behaving the day before. Keep your bills with you or make a mental note of the last time you brought the car for service. It is very likely that the problem you’re facing might be linked to the last problem. 

Given below is a glossary of sorts that can help you understand the common day to day symptoms that can serve as a checklist for vehicles that need repair. 

  • Backfire. This is a sound that comes from the tailpipe or engine and resembles a gunshot. 
  • Bottoming. This is harshness and excessive noise that is usually felt all the way through the steering wheel or the passenger compartment as the car moves over bumps. 
  • Dieseling: This is something that occurs when the engine keeps burning fuel and runs for a brief period of timeecen after the car has been turned off. 

The best car repair app will be able to help you with all the problems. 

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