Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

5 Effective Tips To Controlling Legionella In Your Water System

If you own your individual workspace where lots of people work under you or a landlord who is planning to subtle a property for rent, then you have to ensure a healthy water system first. Remember you have some serious responsibilities to take care of and taking care of your tenants or employees is one of those prime responsibilities. Here we would like to give a strong reminder about a potential risk factor and it’s a bacterium called Legionella. This bacterium gets produced in a huge water system and causes highly serious life-threatening diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, stomach flu and more. Now you may ask how to keep your water system safe from such life-threatening bacteria. Well, your concern is totally valid and this is why we have some super effective tips on the prevention of legionella.

Get Legionella Assessment Done On-Time- The most effective way to have the perfect Legionella control is having a regular assessment of the water system. The biggest worry about Legionella is that it can’t be seen through normal eyes and sometimes it doesn’t produce any noticeable signs. So the only way to spot this bacterium is to conduct this legionella risk assessment in a frequent manner. Remember right and early detection is the only way to get this issue resolved.

Have Control Over The Temperature- Here we have another super effective tip. Remember one thing that legionella gets produced in certain kinds of temperatures. According to the research evidence, the 77-degree temperature is the ideal temperature for the growth of legionella. So make sure to avoid this particular temperature as it promotes the growth and spreading of this highly harmful bacterium.

Keep Your Water System Clean- A dirty muddy and cold tower is the birthplace of harmful toxic bacterium like Legionella. So it is highly advisable that you keep such water towers clean and arrange Legionella control treatment through professional and qualified experts often to keep this bacterium away. Also, change the tower immediately if you can smell some highly weird smell coming from it or if you can see any visible sign of damage.

Go For A Water Treatment Program- If you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of this bacterium then we will advise you to arrange a professional water treatment program by hiring professional experts. They carry the right equipment and use effective solutions to keep your entire water system clean and safe from the direct exposure of Legionella. Such a treatment program can effectively stop the further spreading of this bacterium.

All these tips are recommended by highly qualified water experts. Please follow them deliberately and keep your home’s water system healthy, safe and clean. Good luck.

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