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Common Construction Defects That Affect Project Productivity

Risks and issues are an inevitable part of the construction projects. No matter how careful the involved parties are in a construction project, a little issue or negligence can give rise to several other problems. The construction defects are among the most common problems that impact the progress and productivity of the projects.

Generally, the construction parties develop a detailed framework of progress before starting the construction project. They may assure to fix all the expected issues; however, unexpected problems can arise at any point of the time and ruin their whole planning. Therefore, they have to be aware of the construction defects as well, to ensure smooth progress and productivity of their project.

This article aims to highlight some common construction defects that affect the productivity of construction projects.

Top 5 Types of Defects in Construction Projects

Construction defects are generally the deficiencies accounted for in the construction process. These deficiencies give rise to structural issues, which later on cause the failure of the projects or serious issues in its sustainability. All of this gives rise to huge losses and damages. Knowing about the types of construction defects is essential to understand the problem.

The following are some of the most important and common types of defects that the involved parties can face in the construction projects.

1.    Material Deficiencies

Right and reliable material is the strongest foundation of the construction projects that stay strong for years. On the other hand, the use of defective material can ruin the foundations and robe sustainability of the projects. Material deficiency is the very first type of construction defect that can give rise to a number of other issues.

The deficiency of material can become visible during or after the completion of the project and give rise to delay or claim issues. The construction parties often acquire the services of quantum experts to check the reliability of material and resolve the issues smoothly.

2.    Subsurface Deficiencies

The soil conditions play an important role in ensuring the sustainability and progress of construction projects. Therefore, the parties involved in the construction process pay special attention to soil condition, as they give rise to subsurface deficiencies.

The subsurface deficiencies mostly occur in the areas which have rocky grounds. In addition to it, it can also appear in the deserted areas, where the construction parties have to prepare the ground and soil to lay the foundations of the project smoothly. Otherwise, it can endanger the progress of the project.

3.    Construction Deficiencies

The third common type of construction defect is construction deficiencies. A construction project involves a variety of tasks and preparations which contribute to the long term functionality and sustainability of the projects.

It includes the fitting of sewer pipes, electric work, plumbing work, foundations of walls as well as the ground. In addition to it, it involves a variety of electric and mechanic tasks that require the attention of the authorities. The defects in the procedure can cause bigger issues in the long run, in addition to undermining the value of the property.

4.    Design Deficiencies

One of the most common construction defects most of the parties encounter during the process is the design deficiencies. The designers and architects of the project may prepare the best design according to the guidelines of the owners of the projects. The site conditions can demand crucial changes.

If the designers and architects fail to comply with the design requirements of the site and project, the result can be design deficiencies. It can cause serious issues with the functionality of the project while ruining its market value and causing immense loss to the involved parties.

5.    Workmanship Defects

The last common type of construction defect is workmanship deficiencies. The contractors and parties involved in the construction projects have clear figures and diagrams with them to follow in the process. If they fail to comply with the diagrams, structural issues can occur which fall in the category of workmanship deficiencies.

This is one of the most important reasons that the parties have to be careful about following all the regulations, documents, and diagrams. If you face any such issue, you can acquire the services of quantum experts to resolve the issue, instead of compromising on the productivity of your project.

Avoid defects to boost construction productivity!

Defects are a serious problem in construction projects. Even if they do not give rise to claim or delay issues, they can lead to the collapse of the project, which ruins all the investment of the involved parties.

Therefore, it is always better to be more careful than facing huge losses. Involving the experts in the project is an important way of keeping the watch and fixing the issues properly as soon as they occur. So do not compromise on the productivity and progress of your project and utilize every possible means to ensure its long term sustainability.

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