Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
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Effectiveness of E-Governance

E-governance is vital for a better understanding of government machinery and its applications. It is

E-governance is vital for a better understanding of government machinery and its applications. It is the way government connects with businesses, employees, citizens and different departments in the government. It is essential for service quality and effective handling of resources. It allows the government to interact more closely with the citizens, thereby making public facilities and information easily accessible by the inhabitants of the city.

With the improvement in technology, e-governance initiatives are increasingly adopted by the government to improve quality of services, alleviating costs, surging transparency, enhancing operational efficacy and productivity, simplifying the handling of resources and close interaction with inhabitants of the city. It is functioning of government by incorporating information and communication technology usage. It is an initiative taken by the government to develop smart governance. An effective e-governance system is necessary to ensure proper distributions of services and to cater to the increasing demands of the citizens.

Planet PCI Infotech Ltd. is an IT consulting organization. It is associated with professionally handling diverse software development. It provides a broad range of high-quality software solutions and services to local and foreign customers. It has engineers with expertise in software solutions, defence solutions, software development and e-business applications. The firm provides a wide range of e-governance services and solutions to curb the common difficulties faced by the government, which arises because of security prospects, legislative obstacles, change in technology and difficulties in implementation.

The firm has a staff of experienced engineers who offer flexible and useful high standard solutions for distinct government sectors. These services assist the legislative body to curb difficulties and ensure a smooth connection with the citizens. The e-governance system of the organization helps in improving initiatives for development and making governance efficient by providing complete transparency in activities performed by different government departments.

Various benefits of e-governance services are as follows:

  • It allows citizens to take advantage of the effective delivery of government services.
  • It helps in extending public services and ensures timely improvement in the quality of services.
  • It allows businesses and industries to interact with government to ensure transparency in the business environment.
  • It also helps to form a connection with distinct departments within the government and even a connection between two governing bodies.
  • It ensures rapid and efficient interaction of government with the employees to access their level of satisfaction.
  • It ensures efficient management by government and alleviates corruption.
  • It assists in enhancing growth and reduction of cost.
  • It alleviates paperwork associated with administrative procedures.
  • It supports in planning and management of projects between different government departments
  • It helps in simplification of compliance with government policies.
  • It ensures citizen empowerment by making information easily accessible.
  • It ensures more extensive participation by citizens which develops democracy.

E-governance software is useful for various public sectors to ensure better accountability and transparency, effective utilization of human resources and optimum usage of allotted budged to enhance efficiency and productivity. E-governance software is a secured and dependable governance tool that allows the government to face difficulties at a rapid pace. It helps to develop solutions necessary for the government to formulate policy decisions and to ensure that all the public provisions reach to all the inhabitants so that there is complete utilization of public resources.

It is useful in commercial, public service, public information, social service, rural and agricultural industry and helpful in employment opportunity, government schemes, forms and notification. It plays a vital role in services such as ration card, electricity, telephone, GPS, FIR registration, water and sanitation. It is essential for maintaining records like people below or above the poverty line, usage of fertilizers and pesticides, crop diseases, seed data, market price and many more.

E-governance services help to ensure pension services for widows, old age, employees, and disabled citizens. It helps in the collection of income tax, house tax, property tax, road tax, corporate tax and many more. E-governance system offers a lot of benefits to the natives. It utilizes online-based techniques to develop trust between citizens and governing body.

Data and ideas can be easily shared between distinct government sectors and departments to manage extensive database due to simplicity of paperwork. It has made easy accessibility of information and policies and availability of facilities to the citizens. Paperwork does not offer better value to the citizens. Moreover, it wastes time and resources. Processing of paperwork in the traditional method is a tedious task when the demand for government services is high. Thus, the e-governance system has improved operational efficiency to a great extent.

Electronic government helps the government to exercise control and maintain power by having a majority of citizen in favour. It enhances government services according to the needs and requirements of the citizens by emphasizing on clarity, precision and accurate transformation of necessary data between citizens and legal body. Furthermore, e-governance is cost-friendly. It uses e-governance solutions like cloud solutions to survey to have a perception of citizens on a specific issue at a low cost.

Implementation of this system is not a time-consuming task. It saves money, resources and efforts. As the information is easily accessible, it helps in making various government departments even more responsible, and each activity of these units are precisely evaluated. Also, it allows citizens to get the official work completed through online platforms, thereby reducing the efforts of commuting to the respective government offices.

Few essential merits of this software are as follows: 

  • It ensures proper security of government data by making use of technologies like encryptions, authorization, biometrics, etc.
  • It allows automation of government procedures to make certain information easily accessible by the stakeholders.
  • It provides rapid alerts on receiving new data to aware the government officials to analyse the information and take action accordingly.
  • It ensures that public services are easily affordable and accessible.
  • It allows government officials to handle changes effectively.
  • It allows the government to offer an environment by making use of redefined models and procedures necessary for optimal use of resources.
  • It emphasizes on appropriate utilization of information technology for the effective functioning of government.

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