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Determining the estimate of buildings, structures, and other materials is a process that requires a certain qualification and experience. With so many different options, it can sometimes be difficult for the customer to determine who can handle such important tasks. For an estimator to be able to provide the required service quickly and efficiently, he or she needs good knowledge and expertise in that area. This is a course that provides the necessary practice for those working in such fields.

These courses will teach you how to prepare estimates starting from the basics of pricing in construction. Gaining theoretical and practical knowledge for the estimator to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills for the preparation and validation of estimates and built-in documentation.

As part of the theoretical part, the current regulatory documents and methods will be explained to the estimators. The practical part of the online course will allow them to run and integrate material containing examples.

Teaches documentation characteristics of recalculation at different price levels, including the proper use of coefficients (indices) to convert to current price levels.

Inform the Estimator to prepare an outline of the limited expenditure on the estimate with the justification of the relevant regulatory documents

This course also helps the estimator to properly utilize the knowledge gained while examining the estimate, including the steps to be taken and the documentation.

The course includes:

– How to make an accurate calculation of the pre-design and design preparation of the construction

– How to use a software product to prepare estimate documentation including various forms and calculations

-How to Estimate the number of construction jobs

-How to determine the estimated cost of materials, labor costs, cost of operating machines and mechanisms

– Use of existing rates, the procedure for drawing up and approving individual (company) rates;

– Features of preparing local estimates for equipment installation, repair, construction activities, and reconstruction;

– Problems in determining the full range of costs for commissioning;

-Procedure for determining the price of an object and the overall construction;

– Contract bidding, termination of work contracts, and formation of contract prices;

-The curriculum covers the technology of construction production, pricing issues in construction, estimating business, structure, and development of estimate documentation.

Who is interested in estimator courses?

  • Experts in the field of construction and modernization need to acquire new skills in this profession
  • New estimators
  • Students in construction faculties and departments
  • Experts in the field of housing and community services (employees of management companies, )
  • Experts in other fields

The success of the construction of various buildings will always depend on the extent to which the project has been completed, as well as the estimation of construction activities. But to draw an estimate correctly, the estimator must have a good theoretical basis of the foundation of the estimated business and must have the practical skills to work in a modern software package. As part of the construction estimator course, theory and practical training is provided in the preparation of the estimate documentation.

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