Get the Best Tickets for Chennai

Get the Best Tickets for Chennai

Booking flight tickets can be a very tricky process and so one has to put in a lot of research before doing that. One needs to check sites to find out which can provide the best flight tickets and prices.

 One must pick the best offers when they are booking Chennai plane tickets and they must book it from them who are the best in the flight booking industry. So, here are a few things to be kept in mind when one is looking for a good deal in this case.

  • The very first thing that one needs to do is to research well and then sign up with an online flight booking platform. This can help them to bring their expenses down hugely. These portals keep offering some great deals and offers all throughout the year and so one can always save some amount of money there.
  • One must also be very aware of the fact that the process of the flight tickets actually never remain the same and it keeps fluctuating. The amount of money one pays for a flight always depends on the source of the travel and the destination of the travel. It also depends whether it is within the country or across the other countries. It also depends a lot on when one is booking their tickets. How much gap is there in between the booking date and the travelling date? Also, during peak season the flight fares are always high.
  • It is always a good idea to book the flight tickets in advance since it can be a lot cheaper in that way. One also needs to try and avoid some last minute cancellations because this can always lead to some unavoidable penalties and one can only get partial refunds.
  • One must also consider to buy the round trip tickets and this is because it can be way cheaper than one way going and one way returning tickets. If one has booked flight tickets from the same site earlier then they can also use some reward points if they are available.
  • If needed one can also buy connecting flights because they are way cheaper than the direct flights. If one is travelling from a different country and on international flights then connecting flights become mandatory.
  • Also before buying the final ticket one must consider all the other available options so that they can book the ticket in the best price.

Now if one has bought cheap plane tickets to Chennai for holidays then there are a few things that they must visit while they are here. First of all, there is Marina Beach which is very popular here and a major tourist spot in the city. Apart from the long beach and the gorgeous sea there one must also visit the lovely botanical garden in the city where there is a lush green cover of almost 20 acres. Then there is National Art Gallery as well which can take one through the culture and history. Apart from these there are some unusual places to visit in the city as well:

The Hiding Caves of Little Mount

They are the obscure caves that may not look like very appealing at the first sight but this place is full of history and tradition. It is said that St. Thomas stayed here for several years and these caves are very well preserved and features a small shrine which is mainly used by the locals in order to offer prayers. This place also has a tiny spring near the caves which apparently never dries.

Bodyguard Muneeswaran Temple

It is a very small and quiet temple which is located in the famous Pallavan Salai. Here lies the idol of Lord Munneswaram and it was brought in the city in the year 1919 and then placed under a local neem tree by the locals. Then as the story goes, there was a British officer who raised objection with the idol being kept under the tree. But he faced an accident that very day and since then the locals started believing that praying to that God can assure road safety. Also thus, the name bodyguard came since then. Even at present the locals offer prayers whenever they go and buy a new vehicle.

Demonte Colony

This is said to be one of the most haunted regions of the city. This has become a very intriguing tourist attraction now. The name of this place was derived from a local who stayed here; a merchant named John Demonte. It is said that his life was scary here because of the misfortune along with the untimely death of his son and his illness stricken wife. Though this place was populated before but due to some series of strange occurrence and a lot of ghost sightings this place gradually became deserted. At present this place is not only a tourist location but also a shooting spot as well.

Our Lady of Lourdes

This church is located in Perambur and this place has a statue of Mother Mary. This place became really popular after there was a story that the statue had blinked once during the annual fest. The locals think this to be a miracle and so devotees come here from far to offer their prayers.

Freemasons’ Hall

The intensely secretive Freemasonry movement is an integral part of their history with the first District Grand Lodge of Madras being opened in the year 1752. But till 2009, few except its members knew the existence of a thriving Freemasons Lodge in Chennai. The society has since become popular.

Broken Bridge

This is a disused bridge which is one of the most popular evening haunts in the city. This place has some picturesque views and one can get to see the point where the Adyar River joins the Bay of Bengal.

These are the places that one must visit in the city if they wish to see something unusual and less explored by the tourists.

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