Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

How Are The Constructions In Dubai 2020?

In Dubai, the construction never stops. It is built at such an accelerated speed that

In Dubai, the construction never stops. It is built at such an accelerated speed that it has no comparison. This explains why in less than sixty years, Dubai went from being a fishing village in the desert to a city that is home to the most impressive buildings in the world.

Although it seems that it can no longer grow and that it can no longer acquire more superlatives, we are all very wrong and without a doubt underestimating the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (the ruler of Dubai). Their vision – and their millions – are what have made the impossible possible.

In the two years that we have been here, we have seen great changes in the city: either there are new constructions, or what already existed was improved. In truth, I tell you that we never stop being surprised by this city or commenting on the efficiency and speed with which new things are built.

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For example, when we came to live in our current apartment (almost two years ago), there was nothing but sandy grounds around.

There is still a lot of sand (of course, it’s a desert), but at least we already have a supermarket, a cafe, a pharmacy, and a beauty salon that we have left on the first floor of our towers. They also opened a Carrefour that is five minutes’ drive away and they are building a hospital.

In addition to the above, in less than a year, several buildings have been erected on several of the sandy areas that surrounded us: a complex of more than forty houses, two schools, and three 25-story buildings are almost finished.

How long would it take in Mexico or in any other country, to build forty houses, two schools, and start a building? Eight months, definitely not. And this is only in our area. All over Dubai, hundreds of buildings are being built simultaneously.

And the speed with which buildings are erected does not only apply to buildings, but also streets. Yes, Dubai continues to build roads as free-ways , bridges, and roads.

I am not talking about renovations or extensions; I’m talking about new roads that did not exist and that in less than four months are already fully operational.

That’s why everyone uses Waze because you never know when your route is going to change. And God helps you if you miss an exit because then the worst nightmare of any driver in Dubai materializes: listening to the Waze recalculate.

That sound means that the arrival time at your destination will take five, ten, or fifteen more minutes.

I want to give you an example so that you can see how quickly it is built in Dubai. In October 2013, work began to build a canal that would bring water from the Arabian Gulf (or the Persian Gulf, depending on who you ask) to the city and thus turn downtown Dubai into an island. Why not?

Well, in just three years, they built and filled with water a channel 3.4 km long, and between 80 and 120 meters wide. It’s not just anything! This involved getting rid of a lot of lands and even streets in full operation to allow the passage of water.

For example, part of Sheikh Zayed Road, the main avenue of Dubai, had to be converted into a bridge and added more lanes to achieve eight lanes of one way and eight of return. And not only that but in addition to being a bridge, they also made it a waterfall. I swear to you.

But they don’t turn it on all the time. So I leave you the link in this article where you can see photos of the waterfall in operation because I have not been lucky enough to see it:

Living in Dubai while it is growing and developing is a surreal experience. Sometimes my husband and I compare it to a Star Wars city, because of the modernity of its buildings and streets.

And we can’t help but wonder what Dubai will be like in ten years because it is not going to be the same as it is today. In the meantime, if you come to live in Dubai or just as tourists, don’t forget to take a lot of photos so that in ten years they will compare them with what it will become.

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