How to Get Duplicate PAN Card?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is issued to any individual by the Income Tax Department of India and can be utilised to track any/all financial transactions made by the individual. With a single identifier and its uniform requirements, transactions made by an individual can be tracked and regulated for taxation via this card. Considering the significance of the PAN card, losing it can put one in an uncomfortable as well as compromised situation.

Numerous individuals apply for duplicate PAN card in case of losses or theft. It is to note that applying for a reprint or getting a duplicate PAN card will help individuals get a new card with the same details as in the original one. In case an individual needs to change the credentials, they should opt for rectification of their PAN data or should opt for a new card.

Also, opting for a duplicate PAN card comes with a cost depending upon their location of residence where the card is to be delivered.

Individuals who have availed Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like the Wallet Care plan offered by Bajaj Finserv can benefit financial coverage for PAN card replacement in addition to other benefits like instant financial assistance, single call card blocking feature, etc.

Further, an individual who needs to retrieve a lost PAN card can make use of the following instructions to get the reprint done.

How to apply for a duplicate PAN card?

It is to note that the individual must have email or mobile number registered with their PAN application so that the received OTP can be used for the process.

  • Individuals need to browse the official website of TIN NSDL and seek ‘Reprint of PAN card’ option to begin with. In case they can’t, ‘services’ option should be selected followed by ‘PAN’ to find the reprint option.
  • One should select the ‘Apply’ alternative and select the type of PAN they wish to reprint.
  • In the newly opened page, individuals will be asked to input PAN, date of birth, and Aadhaar number. Also, they should tick the box to allow the use of Aadhaar card data for reprinting duplicate PAN cardsonline.
  • Further, enter the captcha code as displayed on the screen and tap on ‘Submit’ to check the personal data as entered by the user.
  • Users then need to select their preferred option where they want to receive a one-time password (OTP); they can either select their email or their registered phone number or both.
  • Users need to tick the box asking for their consent about the reprint of duplicate PAN card application and then tap on ‘Generate OTP’ option.
  • The one-time password will be sent on the registered email ID and/or mobile as selected by the user which will be valid for 10 minutes.
  • Users should input the OTP in the specified field before clicking the Validate option.
  • After validation of OTP, users need to click on the ‘Pay Confirm’ option which redirects them to the payment gateway. Users need to pay the amount depending upon the address where they want the PAN to be delivered.
  • On successful payment, users will be able to generate and print payment receipts on their device.
  • Users will receive an acknowledgement number via a message on their registered mobile number and a download link for e-PAN.

The above procedure can help individuals seeking ways for their ‘lost my PAN card’ query. They shall be able to get the reprint done hassle-free. Women who availed a purse care insurance policy can further benefit from financial coverage to reprint the PAN card along with coverage of up to Rs.2 lakh as emergency hotel or travel assistance, protection against fraud, etc. They can also optionally opt for a handbag assure insurance plan for a specific handbag insurance cover integrated within the basic insurance policy at a more affordable premium.

It is always advised to read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy before opting for it. Refer to leading financiers for easy and satisfactory coverage and claims process.

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