Mon. May 17th, 2021

How to Identify Fake BPO Call Center in India?

The inflation in digitalization has no doubt opened the ways to relish the business perks,

The inflation in digitalization has no doubt opened the ways to relish the business perks, but at the same time has raised speculations over the concern of safety against increasing frauds day by day.

We often read the news segments that revolve around the fake BPO centers running in the country and how it is duping the highly earned money of individuals.

Even after the tough efforts and patrolling by cyber experts, the number of fake call centers busted doesn’t seem to be going down.

Hence, to overcompensate and avoid such losses to your business, it is highly considerable to get prepared with clues that can help you to identify the fake BPO call center.

Given below are a few pointers that can help to identify the fraudsters:

●    Unrealistic BPO Centers Outsourcing Plans:

Each business organization aims to get a handful of solutions at a lower and optimized cost.

But the practice of fetching the solutions from vendors offering unrealistic plans and figures can land the business organization in trouble and get duped with crores to these fraudsters.

The fake BPO call center usually strikes the conversation after conducting complete research on one’s business portfolio, which starts by luring them for unreal pay plans with heavy returns.

To get alert for such situations, firstly the BPO centers should gather the understanding of the fact that why the call center outsourcing company (also in genuine cases) is eager to offer services at such cheap nonsensical prices.

●    Alarming Incoming International Calls:

It is often recorded that more than 60% of fraud calls do come with numbers having a prefix of international countries. Answering such calls can land the person in trouble.

Law enforcement against such fraud actions seems to get enigmatic due to cross-border concerns leaving absolutely no solutions in the hand of the person.

Hence, the person and businesses can easily identify the fake BPO call center by glancing at the displayed numbers and avoiding the practice to pick such calls and entertain the fraudster for their false promises.

●    Absolute Negligible Presence and Un-optimized Social Media Profiles:

If the call center is having no social media profile or zero at all presence, what’s more speculated than that?

We are living in a generation where the present and past of a person and business is analyzed after going through their social profiles and estimating their reputation from the same.

Undergoing deep through their profiles can bolster in identifying the level of transparency the BPO call center holds in their niche and get them prepared against such phishing from fraud call centers.

●    Limited Communication Channels to BPO Call Center:

In general, the BPO call center companies open for offering outsourcing services have generic websites with apt details and mentions on the web page itself.

The communication details, address for the physical presence of offices along with official social tags are expected to have appeared for the free flow of communication between both parties.

But if the call center is restricting themself to open up with details of communication channels, things are worth doubting against such bodies as the claimed organization can have links with fraud BPO centers frequently running across the Indian states and territories and drain all your money into the drain.

●    Unprofessional Agent on Phone Call’s Other End:

The tone and way of pitching the customer give a lot of information about the call center agent’s intention. All you need is to believe the instinct of your sub-conscience.

In order to safeguard the business, one needs to closely observe the way the agent is elevating the pitch to sell or lure with its range of products and services.

Here, the identification of a fake BPO call center can be done on notes if the agent is stammering in the situation of cross-questioning or lacking in justifying his/her own statements.

Such clues do play a major role in getting alerted against such scams.

●    Ignorant of Signing NDA and Legal Documents:

Fake BPO centers usually tend to avoid the conversation that involves the verses of getting into any sort of legalities.

The agents of such call centers are trained well to act ignorant of signing the documents of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Hence, when the other party begins to act weird in the asked sense, the organization should act cautiously as the call center could be fake that can loot their hard-earned money.

●    Asking for Higher Upfront Fees:

If the call center is not allowing the organization to negotiate on the terms of upfront fees to begin with a purpose. Such situations deliver the secret clues, as the agent on the phone call’s other end is constantly pressurizing to start with the payment procedure.

The agents from fake call centers tend to ask for a maximum amount as post that they will ghost the organization or will not continue with the said services.

Therefore, one should stay alert and avoid undergoing such heavy payments without having any on-papers guarantee and assurance from the end of BPO centers.

In Conclusion:

We can infer that it is highly advisable to look for all possible indicators before getting associated with any BPO call center on the phone itself. Verify all sources and follow the set of above-discussed pointers to identify the fake call centers and safeguard your business possessions against the duping practices.

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