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How To Keep Track of Your End-Of-Year Fundraising Efforts

Many organizations schedule fundraisers at the end of the year, as an average of over

Many organizations schedule fundraisers at the end of the year, as an average of over 30% of donations to nonprofits are made during the month of December. Contacts cultivated through promotional engagement and fundraising campaigns should be entered into database software for nonprofits. The most robust platforms make it possible to keep track of individual donor profiles and big picture metrics such as average gift sizes and participation rates. Learn more about using nonprofit management software to securely track and reference donor data and the importance of a cloud-based integration for effective fundraising.

Use Database Software for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations have different data flows than for-profits. Using purpose-built software and integration solutions for managing donor data is essential for successful fundraising. Depending on licensing agreements, the end of the year may be a good time to roll out data strategy upgrades that have the potential to lower cost per dollar raised and raise return on investment in the new year.

A version of the popular Salesforce customer relationship management software called Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack launched in 2005. Salesforce for Nonprofits is still a popular platform fifteen years later. Older groups or organizations that have taken a more conventional approach to fundraising in the past may use The Raiser’s Edge or other Blackbaud software.

Both of these platforms can be used to update and access records, but cloud integration for nonprofits facilitates the process of updating donor data across platforms. One of the best ways to set an organization up for success in the new year is to reassess the role of data in organizational workflows and look for ways to increase accuracy and efficiency during the final fundraiser of the year and upcoming campaigns.

Cloud Integration Helps To Improve Donor Tracking

Any attempt to manually track donations made during an end-of-year fundraiser is bound to lead to inaccurate reporting. Any instance in which data is manually entered or transferred between systems gives rise to opportunities for errors to enter into organizational records. The most reliable approaches to tracking donor giving, engagement and other points of contact rely on utilities for automated data import and export and cloud integration solutions.

The ability to automate record updates and make the most current information available across platforms enhances the resources available for an end-of-year fundraiser. When the staff of a non-profit may be spending more time out of the office, these systems stay at work behind the scenes to update and improve the completeness and accuracy of donor records while making all of the information necessary to raise funds and analyze performance available to stakeholders.

Most nonprofits can benefit from a data strategy that involves integrating records across donor relationship management software platforms and organizational databases. A group that manages its end-of-year fundraisers in The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce for Nonprofits or similar donor relationship management platforms can benefit from the ability to securely access the most current contact information for asks as well as complete donation and engagement records and other important metrics for use in strategizing for the year ahead.

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