Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Lawyers at Tembusu Law

The Tembusu believes that any company goal should no longer be chasing financial growth only but they should also look in to the interest of their stakeholders when I say stakeholders they are not only the company owners and shareholders but also includes employees and customer. Tembusu try to create both the values that is social values and financial.  They believe that this dual approach can influence the life of each individual in legal and justice system. The lawyers in the Tembusu are so experienced that they can advice any individual facing any legal issues. You can also find the best divorce lawyer Singapore. It is true that the legal fees in Singapore are very high. Tembusu think that all should get equal justice and right to represent there point or view. They provide at no cost consultation in all the panels which are:

Criminal Legal Assistance Scheme (CLAS): Criminal legal advice help to the people who are poor and cannot afford a lawyer and they are facing issues on the non – death penalty issue.

Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offences (LASCO): This is regarding the capital charge on someone and the by this law the person can get a counsel free of charge.

Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE): It is a nonprofit organization which works toward the benefit of the traders and educate the traders with moral and fair trading practices.

Community Legal Clinics: It is an open forum for Singapore public where they can ask any legal question.

The divorce lawyerwho can advice individual on the family disputes and smoothly lead the divorce process according to the justice law in Singapore. In current situation solving the divorce cases at home and understanding the all aspects of the contested and uncontested divorces is very difficult. To take decision regarding the maintenance and custody matters is very tough. But the divorce lawyers from Tembusu can help you to smoothly settle the issue in court with fair and equal result.

Weather it is contested divorce which mean the spouse is not agree for the divorce or the uncontested divorce which meant both the parties have agreed for the divorce. In the second case the divorce process is simple and money saving plus time saving, however there should not be any dispute on financial or custody case. The lawyers are experienced and skilled to handle both the situations. Other than contested and uncontested divorce the lawyers also handle situations like Deed of separation, Separation before or after the marriage, Child custody, guardianship issues, Spouse maintenance, judicial separation, matrimonial assets, and personal protection and so on.

The Lawyers here are dedicated to help each individual to get legal justice according to the Singapore law system. For more information you can get in touch with the lawyers for no cost consultation.

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