Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Marc Accetta Scam of Fate – Learn the Right Techniques for Direct Sales and Become a Superstar

Are you in direct sales, and do you dread facing the daily ordeal of rejections

Are you in direct sales, and do you dread facing the daily ordeal of rejections when it comes to facing the customer? Well, you are perhaps not alone. Over 70% of people in direct sales are not happy with their jobs, and they often cannot quit the field primarily because it is the only source of income, they have to run their kitchens. When it comes to the field of direct sales, there are only a handful of professionals that have tasted the fruits of success. Now the next question arises in your mind – how?

Marc Accetta Scam of Fate – How can you become a superstar in direct sales?

Marc Accetta is a leading name in the motivational speaking, and he is a popular life coach based in Dallas.  He conducts several seminars and workshops where he shares the techniques in his highly successful Marc Accetta Scam of Fate theory. He has been in the field of direct sales for over 30 years and was a successful professional himself. He says that most people are not aware of the tips and tricks in direct sales that help to transform rejections into successful sales. This is why he has taken the initiative to help others who are not so successful in the field of direct sales to get the rewards and recognition they deserve.

Do not blame fate and luck if you are unable to perform well

Winners never blame fate and luck when they fail. Man can be the artists of their own destiny, and just because you have been rejected by the customer when it comes to selling a product does not make you worthless and incapable of success. Failures and mistakes are bound to take place in the path to success; however, instead of allowing them to take over your life, you need to correct your mistakes so that they are not repeated. If you make mistakes and failures as a learning process, it is simple for you to master success not only for today but in the long run as well.

Direct selling and cold calling – Does it work?

Cold calling is a vital aspect of direct selling, and most companies tell their employees to start off with cold calling, where one is bound to experience an 80% ratio of rejection over a 20% chance of being heard and a 5% chance of selling the product finally. It is indeed frustrating to listen to so many negative responses and have a target for the day lingering over your head.

When it comes to direct selling the Marc Accetta Scam of Fatesays, there is no hard and fast rule you should sell to strangers. Start off with the people you know as the chances of being rejected are much lesser when you are selling a product or service to someone you already know. This is where you should actually start with. Your friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances are the best places where you can kick-start your direct selling endeavors and see a wider ratio of acceptance and success over time!

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