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Owners Corporation Managers In Victoria: The Roles And Responsibilities To Know About

An owner corporation, earlier known as body corporate, mainly manages the property types such as

An owner corporation, earlier known as body corporate, mainly manages the property types such as the industrial, residential, retail, or any mixed-use type. The committee is mainly elected at the annual general meeting and contains at least three but not more than twelve members. The committee usually consists of a chairperson, and/or a secretary and some ordinary members. The chairperson is usually elected and the secretary will be appointed. The owner’s corporation normally delegates the power to the committee. In this article, some of the roles and responsibilities of the owners corporation managers in Victoria will be discussed.

Facts to know about the owner’s corporation

The responsibilities owners corporations include the below:

  1. Maintaining all common properties, including any of the buildings on the land.
  2. Ensuring the whole property for full replacement value.
  3. Administering the finances and the common funds for the group of owners.
  4. Administering the secretarial functions such as including the conduct of the meetings of members, documenting the meeting details, and dealing with all the correspondence.
  5. Resolving the disputes involving the members of the owner’s corporation and enforcing the owner’s corporation rules.

The owner’s corporation normally operates at four levels:

  1. The owner’s corporation mainly consists of all the lot owners.
  2. The committee, which consists of the elected lot owners or the lot owners proxies.
  3. A delegate of all the owner’s corporations.
  4. The delegate of the committee. The committee may later delegate to a lot owner, the manager, or the sub-delegate to a member of the committee.

The role of the owner corporation manager

The Owners Corporation normally delegates powers to the owner’s corporation manager. The main purpose is to enable the owner’s corporation manager to carry out the below-mentioned duties and functions to ensure the smooth running of the owner’s corporation Plus One Result 2020.

The Owners Corporation Manager duties include, but not limited to-

  1. To carry out the resolutions which are passed either at a committee meeting or in a postal ballot.
  2. To carry out the resolutions that are passed at a general meeting.
  3.  To prepare the proposed budgets for adoption in every annual general meeting.
  4. Issuance of the owner’s corporation certificates.
  5. Their duties include giving notice of levy contributions.
  6. To carry out banking duties.
  7. The payment of different types of expenses.
  8. To coordinate and engage the contractors.
  9. Duties to conduct general meetings.
  10.  Preparation and the circulation of the agenda and the meeting minutes.


One should not verbally abuse the owner corporation manager. One should treat them respectfully and explain to him/her the things they want to be done. One should not try to renovate their building without consulting the manager. The corporation manager will be acutely knowing of all the rules and legislation relevant to any building.

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