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Ponton Law: A Law Firm for Personal Injury

This legal firm was established by James T. Ponton. This firm takes up cases which

This legal firm was established by James T. Ponton. This firm takes up cases which are caused due to injury or death because of negligence by others. The founder is a member of State Bar of Georgia, Lawyers Club of Atlanta and Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. The basic service of these lawyers revolves around personal injury by advising their clients of their rights as well as responsibilities. Those legal cases that arise when an individual is affected or harmed because of another by accident or injury are called personal injury cases. They represent in the proceedings of civil court for seeking who are at fault by a court’s judgment. They provide descriptions of the proceedings as well as the legalities. The strengths of this firm can be listed as follows:

  • Accidents by vehicles: They handle cases that are related to accidents by vehicles both by two wheelers or 4 wheelers like bicycle, car and larger ones like trucks. The accidents may be due to the third party’s negligence, intoxication or over-speeding to name a few.
  • Accidents due to drowning: There can be filing of lawsuits due of drowning by accident. This can be due to poor maintenance facilities and not taking safety measures by owners of swimming pools or other private property operators.
  • Defective perimeter: Injury cases which are caused by some defective conditions within the perimeter of a property owner. This is mainly if the environment is not kept safe for guests or visitors.
  • Construction faults: Cases are filed for construction workers if they fall from high places like rooftops or ladders, electrocutions, accidents due to the machineries used etc. during working hours.

Above are mentioned few of those areas upon which Ponton Law works on. The firm has a thorough knowledge of the law. They also have years of experienced attorneys. These attorneys are committed to the cause and are also honest in nature. The founder James, while practicing at Downey and Cleveland, LLP took up various cases of insurance companies and authored many cases that were successful. Being a defendant attorney in insurance cases he was very well aware about the strategies taken by them to reduce settlement amount. Clients are assured with compensation that they deserve because of the losses caused by the other person. Detailed consultation is done before taking up the case.

They help the victims to have a detailed idea of their rights. The carelessness of someone else is claimed for. It can be a company, a vehicle or property owner or else an individual. If the client is injured severely they represent on their behalf with compassion. They also attend hearings and argue even if the victim is not present. They offer legal advice and file legal complaints. Proper investigation is carried out with a detailed report. They negotiate keeping in mind the losses that were incurred. Many successful cases have been fought and the victims were compensated accordingly. The win for the victim or in other words, the client is the win for the firm.

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