Wear Panna Stone

Right Procedure to Wear Panna Stone

Panna stone is a very precious gemstone. Panna stone is considered as monarch of a gemstone. This gemstone will always be in demand because of its exciting color. It is comprised of mineral Beryl. It is the gemstone of planet mercury. The Panna stone is known for its vibrant green color and glittering appearance which distinguishes it from all other gemstones. It is mostly produced in the mines in India. Panna stone exhibits many metaphysical properties. Panna stone is not only famous for its gorgeous looks, but also for being associated with the Greek goddess Venus, who is considered as the goddess of beauty and love. The Panna stone is also known to symbolize affection and love and can bring great luck for the person who wears it close to the skin. The procedure to wear Panna stone are:

•Consult an astrologer

It is important to consult a renowned astrologer who has all the knowledge about astrology, before buying Panna stone. You will be able to find the right information about your horoscope when you consult an astrologer. You will also get to know the impact of this stone on the position of mercury in your horoscope.

•Choose the perfect stone

Astrologer will be able to provide you with information about the most compatible stone for your benefit based on your horoscope analysis. Many people end up wearing incompatible stone which may lead to some adverse effects on the life of the wearer. It is important to get the gemstone only with your astrologer suggestions.

•Pick a high-quality stone

When choosing Panna stone, quality should be given due importance. It is important that the clarity, colour, cut and the make of the stone, everything needs to be taken care of. The stone should be without any cracks and it should be clear as possible. The stone should not be chemically formed and should be natural. Wearing a fake Panna stone may lead to disaster result, so it is important to choose a certified provider of Panna stones.

•Find an auspicious time to wear the stone

Despite the fact that your astrologer should inform about the right day to wear a Panna, it is generally worn on a Wednesday morning in the first hour of the day in ShuklaPaksha day.

•Know the right finger to wear the Panna stone

Panna stone should be ideally be worn on the little finger of the right hand. If a woman wears, then she can wear this stone on the little finger of the left hand as well.

•The weight of Panna stone should be at least 1.5 carats or Ratti. To get a maximum benefit, the weight should be 5 carats or more.

•Sit on the green-coloured cloth and in the northeast direction while wearing the Panna stone

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