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The Journey To Becoming a Stylist – A Career Roadmap

Melbourne is a city bustling with youthfulness. And the youth of today are not interested

Melbourne is a city bustling with youthfulness. And the youth of today are not interested in conventional career paths. Students are becoming more aware of ways to discover their skills or even enrol to get trained in skills that are currently in demand. One such course that is selling like hotcakes is the one to become a stylist. As a stylist, you have a scope in various high-end industries – from corporate to clothing brands. The best part about becoming a stylist Melbourne is, unlike some courses, there are absolutely no pre-requisites for the course.

Getting started:

As a stylist, you will have access to a lot of behind the scenes work in industries. Before you go ahead and enrol with a course, you have to know what the primary responsibilities of a stylist are. Listed below are some of the duties of a stylist.

  • Designing/choosing innovative outfits for marketing campaigns, music videos, concerts, TV shows, films and so on
  • Build and expand your professional network so that you get an opportunity to work with the best people in the industry. You will know your true potential only when you find yourself in a challenging environment.
  • Researching different types of fabrics and finding the best accessories for outfits
  • Designing outfits for celebrities, models and brand ambassadors
  • You will work as a team with photographers, tailors, makeup artists and public figures.
  • Keeping up with new trends in fashion
  • Collaborating with other stylists to co-learn and exchange skills


Do you need a degree?

You may not be aware of this – but there is a lot of theory involved in styling. Understanding how the human eye perceives different colours, textures, the emotions they evoke in the minds, designing outfits according to the kind of event and so on. Although the job is based on your ability to imagine, innovate and create, you need some basic knowledge to get started.

It could either be a degree, a diploma or a short online course. There are several courses – both online and offline, to equip you with the knowledge necessary to start your career as a stylist Melbourne.

Are you cut out for the job?

Just like any other job, you can make it big in this field only if you have both passion and aptitude. Being a stylist is a demanding job. Are you cut out for it? A course taught by an expert will help you. Yet, having some of the following skills will give you an edge over the others. As a stylist, these are the preferred skills you should have/develop –

  • The ability to imagine which colours would go well together
  • Eyes that pay attention to minute details
  • Networking, advertising
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of dresses that suit different skin colours and body types

With a course from a reputed trainer/institute, you are equipped with these skills and can set out to land your first project.

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