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The many benefits of polarised lenses!

If you have ever gone shopping for sunglasses, you’re sure to have come across an

If you have ever gone shopping for sunglasses, you’re sure to have come across an expensive pair of polarised sunglasses. With more and more people claiming that polarised lenses have more downsides than benefits, we thought of doing a fact-check to help you with your decision to buy a pair or not.

The price-tags that come with polarised sunglasses might be the reason you don’t want to buy polarised lenses. But let me reassure you, not all polarised glasses are outrageously expensive. Online eyewear retailers, such as Specscart, sell great-quality polarised lenses for a very affordable price. You might want to check out the Specscart sunglasses collection now! An over-the-counter pair of polarised glasses may also work for you if you don’t stay out for that long.

You may also not buy polarised lenses because you don’t spend a lot of time outdoors and think that polarised sunglasses have no real utility. In that case, we’d like to remind you that, be it five minutes in the sun or twenty-five, glare from the sun is equally harmful to your eyes. Glare is the brightness generated when light from the sun reflects off of shiny surfaces such as metal surfaces, a puddle of water or even your car windows. It is harmful because it can eye strain and many vision-related problems. 

But how do polarised glasses actually protect you from glare? The answer is simple really. Horizontal light from the sun can scatter and change directions when they hit shiny surfaces and this reflected light is what causes glare. Polarised lenses have vertical filters that prevent the light from reaching your eye, and hence protecting your eye. And if you’re curious, polarised lenses are usually coated with chemicals that make the chemical filters.

Coming to the biggest problem, you can’t see your laptop and phone screens properly and there is a way around that. Some polarised glasses work well with a particular phone and not so much with the other. We’d recommend trying the lenses with your phone. If that doesn’t work, you can always try a pair of UV-protection sunglasses with or without prescription. If you’re looking for sunglasses, Specscart may be your best bet! 

On the bright side, wearing polarised sunglasses can cause a reduction in your screen time when you’re outdoors and this ensures that you don’t bump into anyone because you were staring at your phone. 

Designer sunglasses with polarised lenses are in trend not only because of their design. They offer many benefits to the wearer.

  • UV Protection

Most polarised lenses also protect you from the dangerous UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun. Buying polarised sunglasses which protect from glare and UV light is definitely a win-win!

  • Light-sensitive folks rejoice!

Anybody who is light-sensitive knows the agony of trying to adjust to the sun when they step outdoors. Polarised sunglasses can help you with that. They reduce glare, making it possible for you to go outdoors and see clearly without squinting. All in all, polarised lenses are perfect for people with light sensitivity.

  • Improved colour contrast

Polarised lenses are for you if you feel that the colours outside look too bright! They improve colour contrast and make sure you can see everything better.

  • Greater clarity

Imagine standing outdoors and being able to see without being blinded by the glare. Wouldn’t it be great? That’s precisely what polarised lenses do! They reduce the glare so that you can see everything much more clearly!

Buying polarised sunglasses anytime soon? Try Specscart sunglasses and you’re not going to be disappointed.

Not convinced about owning a pair yet? Buy prescription glasses online that come with polarised lenses from Specscart and if you can’t adjust to them, you can return them without any questions asked.

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