Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Chief HR Leaders: Managing Workforce Amid COVID

Amid the ongoing pandemic, CHROs across the globe have been laded with a plethora of new responsibilities, in addition to what’s already there in their job description. Mostly, the added duties revolve around managing workforce that’s working remotely because of the pandemic, and providing emotional & healthcare support.

To ensure minimal disruption in the productivity and business continuity, hr leadership need to rise up to the ongoing occasion of economical crisis. The call of duty at the moment for every CHRO across the globe is to strategize on preventive measures related to safety of their staff from the virus-attack, and ensuring the upkeep of work productivity.

Setting up precautionary guidelines specific to Corona should be the primary agenda at this point in time for the chief HR leaders and also more details find  

What Should the HR Leadership Do to Motivate Workforce Amid COVID

Make Your Staff Realize That You Are Doing Your Bit

Employees will certainly fear coming back to the workplace despite the number of cases decreasing across the country, as the fear of corona has consumed everyone’s mind in the last six months.

As a chief human resource leader, you need to make them realize that you are aware of the possible health threats, and are taking every possible precaution to avoid any kind of health risk.

To-and-Fro Communication Among the Staff & Employer is Critical

Clear communication is key to fighting the pandemic, and protecting the business from any kind of resource shortages at the moment. As the virus is spreading at an alarming rate across the world, it should come as no big surprise that one, or a few of your staff, have got infected.

If such unfortunate incident ever happens, its urgent reporting becomes critical to the business’ point of view, as this could pose a significant threat to business’s existence in the times as dark as it is in the moment. 

Train Managers on Identifying Symptoms of COVID

The discussed virus first affects a person’s lungs, and the related symptoms comprise high body temperature, and a continuous cough. If any of your employee shows such signs of the disease, they must self-isolate themselves at home for a minimum of 14 days, and get themselves tested at the governmental facilities.

Establish Hygiene Guidelines at Workplace

Good hygiene is essential to keep the Wuhan virus away from the workforce while they come back to work at the company’s offices. Arrangement of good-quality alcohol-based hand sanitizers must be made by the global hr leaders leading the workforce at varied corporations across industries.

Employees must be encouraged, and reminded time and again, to cover their face with a tissue while coughing or sneezing at the workplace, and otherwise. Handshakes must be prohibited. 

Get an Isolation Space Ready Within the Office Premises

If some employee in your organization becomes sick while at work, they would need to be shifted in an isolation area to keep the other staff safe from the risks of catching the virus, as you never know whether it’s COVID, or just a minor health issue. An isolation room with a closing door must be designated to such kind of happenings.

Discourage International Commute

Put strict restrictions on travel to countries with high rate of death propelled by corona. A few of these countries comprise China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea. In fact, personnel who have recently returned from any of the above-mentioned countries, should be made to go into self-isolation for 14 days, if the symptoms show.

Brief Conclusion

The above-discussed are some of the very basic precautions that the hr professionals in the leadership positions must be taking. However, the preventive initiatives to be incorporated must not be limited to those mentioned in the article. Consider taking as many protective measures as possible to keep your staff safe from the deadly virus.   

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