Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Online Vocational Courses: Choose Your Career

Vocational courses are now open online. Many students attempt to enroll in a vocational course yet can’t do it due to the pandemic. The best option is to enroll in an online vocational school at selmar institute of education. The online vocational school is offering courses:

  • Aged care courses
  • Child care courses
  • Disability courses
  • First aid
  • Infection control
  • Short courses

The leading vocational training provider creates a friendly environment for rewarding careers. In fulfilling your career objectives, the school provides you the practical skills and knowledge needed. Students who have full potential are supported by the vocational school providing the highest professional development and quality vocational training.  

The child care courses

Popular child care courses are offered by the online vocational school. So, any of the child care course to attend is open, after the completion, you will receive the diploma. Available child care courses are the following:

1.) Early Childhood Education and Care. The certificate III diploma is received after the course gets completed. It is an entry-level qualification for the early childhood education industry career. The qualification covers the following fundamentals:

  • early childhood development
  • education and care

The graduates are given the skills, experience, and knowledge to plan activities that promote children learning through play.

2.) Early Childhood Education and Care. A student who graduated the course will receive a diploma, which is an after qualification. The graduate acquires the knowledge and skills to become a lead educator for early childhood education programs in family and center-based daycares.

3.) Community Sector Management. This is an advanced diploma for senior management level qualification. The course is designed for future leaders in the Healthy and Community sectors.

The aged care courses

A variety of aged care courses are offered by the vocation school. You will have the following courses options:

  1. Residential care worker. Students enrolled in this course teach the roles to provide for older people; emotional support, physical care, and daily tasks. The work performed in a residential care facility hospital, and clinic. These workers are assisting older people’s daily activities, such as eating, dressing, washing, and taking medication. It monitors the aged people with their physical and mental health. 
  2. Aged care supervisor. The role is a frontline manager. It manages the team of care workers administering emotional support, physical care, assists the daily tasks of the older people. As a care supervisor, you are responsible for the assurance of your team members to undertake training and professional development. The main tasks of a care supervisor are:
  • managing operational budget
  • Auditing care facility
  • Preparing financial reports
  • Care program coordinator. The role of to design and develop a program of activities for the aged people. You will be working with a team of care providers with your scheduled activities.

Home care assistant. The role of to assist older people with daily tasks within their homes, such as:

  • Eating
  • Dressing
  • Showering

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