Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

The role of education in the life of people

Education is an integral part of everyone’s life, is how you can spell out the importance of education in one sentence. Education is not just important for an individual’s growth, but also the growth of the entire nation. The economy of a nation stands tall when the educated people constitute a major population.

There are not one or two but many reasons that can be said in favor of education. It is the foundation upon which a man’s life should be built. But not all are blessed to have quality education is the bitter truth. In such cases, the role of humanitarians like bashir dawood and familyshould be mentioned. They have been doing yeomen service in many fields including education.

Let us now look into the important features of education.

  • Education helps eradicate poverty. How is this achieved? Education makes you job-ready. When you are educated you have many job opportunities. When you get a job, your need for money is satisfied. When every household has educated people, the chances that everyone is employed is more. This way being education eradicates poverty from the country.
  • Improves national income. Education helps people to find jobs according to their abilities. They can contribute to the national income in this way. When more people are employed, the national income increases. The entire nation stands better and can work towards a better economy.
  • Removes ignorance among people. There are many corners of the nation where even basic education is still a dream. Lack of education leaves them ignorant of the various facts of life. They remain backward in their thoughts and undertake practices that are not favorable for an advanced society. For example, child marriage, female infanticide, etc.
  • Helps in making people independent. This is one very important benefit of being educated. When you are educated you become suitably employed and thereby self-sufficient. You are not dependent on others for your needs. There are many people who exploit the uneducated people by lending money and charging exorbitant interests. They take advantage of the people’s situation. All these are eliminated if people are educated.
  • Educated people can make informed decisions. Whether it is choosing your leader, choosing your life partner, investment decisions, or buying decisions, etc everything can be done after detailed analysis.
  • Education helps improve the purchasing power of people by providing income in their hands. This in turn increases demand and stimulates supply leading to an increase in production. This is a cycle that helps the economy by making income available in everybody’s hands. It helps the growth of a nation.

Education as we have seen above can help in building a better society by improving living conditions, medical facilities, and a better mindset.

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