Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Time to know the speaking tips for the AI level exam

The spoken exam for the AI level exam has been divided into four tasks. Usually, in the spoken exam, the candidate can accompany a partner. So, when you are choosing your partner, be sure that they will support you in overcoming the hurdles in the exam. It means that both of you have to come up with the tasks one after the other. 

Tasks involved in the A1 level exam

The enlisted ones are the tasks that have been involved in the A1 level exam for the applicants who apply for a UK visa extension. 

  • Task 1 – Interview
  • Task 2 – Presentation
  • Task 3 – Transactional Dialogue
  • Task 4 – Picture Description and Discussion

Task 1 – Interview

In the interview section, the applicant will encounter various questions about their everyday life. The applicant will be asked questions from their everyday routine that consists of one line answer. Things to keep in mind are, 

  • Listen carefully to the question before trying to answer it. Answer the question in your own words which give the practical appearance to the examiner
  • While preparing for the exam, try to practice aloud that will help in facing the examiner without any fear. Try practicing your hobbies, favorite things, and other common questions. You can also do a1 English test booking and practice more precisely.  

Task 2 – Presentation

The task starts once you enter into the test room. After entering into the test room, the applicant has to pick one from the two topics mentioned. For instance, let us consider that the topics are family, home, routine, best friends, dream home, etc. Once the applicant picks up the topic, they will have around 10 minutes to prepare in the respective topic. They can also take notes and keep it alongside whilst the interviewer examines you related to the topic. The usage of a non-electronic dictionary is also allowed. 

Task 3 – Transactional Dialogues

In the part of the transactional dialogue, there will be two short conversations with the examiner. 

  • In Part A, the examiner will read out a sample situation and the applicant has to reply accordingly. For instance, if the examiner says we are friends and we have free time this evening. If he adds by questioning the applicant that will accompany them to a movie, then the applicant has to come up with the appropriate answer. 
  • In Part B, the situation will only be explained to the applicant and they have to start the conversation continuing the situation. 

Task 4 – Picture Description and Discussion

In this task, the applicant will get help from his/her partner. The partner and the applicant will get two different pictures. There will be ten differences between the two. The applicant will also get a clue about 5 information among 10. The two of them have to find the ten differences and make statements. 

Once done with the four tasks successfully, everything goes well. Try to take mock tests by indulging in a1 English test booking and understand things in detail. 

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