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Tips to Find a Good Publishing House in China: The Complete Guide

Introduction to publishing houses in China

By Andre Gagnon

An introduction to publishing houses in China.

Chapter 2: The following questions can be useful for selecting a publishing house in China:

• What kind of a journal is it?

• What format is it?

• Is the subject of the journal taken care of by the company?

• How much do the journal fees?

• What is the book production?

• Does the company know the printer?

• Is the publishing house situated in the Chinese Mainland?

Chapter 3: A list of most trusted publishing houses in China

By Weijin Hui

An a-to-z guide of most trusted publishing houses in China.

Chapter 4: Some tips for getting a good contract with a publishing house in China

By Xianzhe Chen

An a-to-z guide for choosing a good contract with a publishing house in China.

The importance of finding a good publishing house in China

Most companies in China are not related to books. They are in direct relation to the publishing industry. There are also a lot of short-term contracts which have little-to-no clauses.

Finding a good publishing house in China is usually not an easy task. It has to do with the skills of the professionals.

While most people believe that they can find a publishing house in China by going to the website of these companies and checking for reviews, many of them are just for entertainment.

What is the most important thing when finding a publishing house in China? You have to look for an agency that is well known in the country, where their activities are documented in the books.

Many people suggest looking for Chinese and foreign companies, that are closely related to these companies.

What are the advantages for an author when they find a good publishing house in China?

We present you some tips to help you find a good publishing house in China:

Check the company history of the company.

If you want to find out if they have a good reputation or not, you need to check the company history. The company history will tell you who the current CEO is and how many employees work in the company, also the percentage of the sales are (the more the better). Check their internet presence. Check the company’s website, most of them will have their social media accounts, so it is very easy to find a good publisher if you check out the profile of the company. Make sure they are in your Country. When you find a good publishing house, the chances are high that they are in your country (China or not).

How to avoid being scammed by publishing houses in China?


I think writing a book on Publishing in China is a lot easier than reading the book about publishing in China. Most of the stuff that I said was either confirmed or confirmed from the same sources, but I didn’t have time to discuss everything with them. They can do it better than me.

Using this guide, you can get the best support to launch your book or even start writing your book today.

If you need to write your next book, maybe you will be a better author if you read the advice from this book.

Once you have more experience with publishing in China, you can write another guide for aspiring authors.




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