Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

What to Look for In A Boarding Schools?

Boarding school would provide an academically rigorous atmosphere for your child in which schooling infiltrates all facets of his or her life. Students at these institutions remember that living with peers compels them to work harder than they would otherwise. They are also engaged with a lot of fun-based learning activities to engage the students in leisure activities.

Choosing a boarding school in Pune or private day school is a process with many steps involved. Luckily, the Internet makes the first step a whole lot simpler. Although choosing the right private school is complicated and there are some of the factors that you should look for in a boarding school are,

Curriculum and subject choices

This is a crucial factor in differentiating boarding schools. Because most students enter boarding schools after age 11, they are accustomed to learning in a specific program. So, knowing the curriculum of the boarding school is a significant factor in choosing the right school.

Besides the curriculum, it is essential to look at the topic offered at the school since not all schools offer all subjects. If a student had decided to study psychology or commerce, that particular school must provide that specific subject. Understanding that will further help you finalize your university decision.

Extracurricular offerings

The services each boarding school provides are crucial to understanding. The boarding school will have a professional coach for students who play competitive sports, as well as a curriculum for the student to improve their specific ability. A structured workday is implemented to ensure consistency and concentration. Time is also reserved for extracurricular activities. To maintain continuity and productivity, a scheduled workday is enforced. Space for extracurricular sports is also reserved.

Discipline and pastoral care

Boarding schools act as the home away from home for the infant and are also responsible for the overall health of the child.

Feeder schools

Several primary boarding schools have high school affiliates. Such an arrangement could help in the transition between those two educational levels. The lower-level school will significantly reduce the burden of going to high school because the institution at the upper-level would have an excellent understanding of what the former teachers of your child taught him or her.

Location of the boarding school

Sending out kids can be distracting in their own right. Many parents choose to send their kids to boarding schools where they have close relatives or nearby friends, or they can contact them quickly in case of an emergency.

Note, nothing like the best boarding school does exist. It all depends on which suits you the best based on what you are looking for and need. Besides considering the above points, visiting the campus and communicating with the alumni and faculty will help parents make the right choice.

Also, there are a lot of good schools in Pune that offer excellent education system for the kids. As mentioned above, there are many internet sources that help the parents analyse and select the best schools in their locality.

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