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7 Unique Mehendi Favours that Your Guests will Love

Nowadays, offering mehendi favours no longer qualify as an option, but is actually emerging as

Nowadays, offering mehendi favours no longer qualify as an option, but is actually emerging as a much-awaited tradition in Indian weddings. Hosting a mehendi ceremony is much more about doing the extraordinary and setting the trend through some amazing mehendi decor, chic outfits and unconventional favours. However, arranging for fun and quirky mehendi favours for all your friends may seem like a lot to do, but may not actually cost a bomb.

While you may still want to host a fancy party, these unique yet affordable favours will create a lasting memory for all the guests that are invited for the mehendi ceremony.

  1. Pom Pom Neck Piece

Mehendi outfits and jewellery are all about bright colours and pom pom accessories. If you are a silver lover, then hoard a variety of silver-coated necklaces and customise them with pom pom droppings. Such customizations will take all your bridesmaids’ outfits a level higher.

  • Folkloric Potli Bag

Potli bags are doing excessive rounds in the accessory market. Well, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a colorful and ethic-looking potli bag to match with their outfit? This is a clear hint that you’re on the right track. A decorated potli bag makes the perfect mehendi favour for your loved friends.

  • Wooden box of Jewellery

Jewellery and a jewellery-storing box are two essentials items that will jazz up every woman’s dresser in a go. A jewellery box acts as a keepsake as well as a good storage for accessories that are of great value. It can be also used to store family heirlooms while at the same time add a hint of sophistication to the dresser.

  • A Personalised Box of Chocolates

When talking about unique mehendi giveaways, personalised chocolate wedding gifts make the ideal gift for all your lady friends. Women love chocolates and personalised sweets will be a surefire hit as mehendi favours. Wedding favour chocolate boxes can be customised with an extra hint of colour and design to appeal to your bridesmaids.

  • Handcrafted Umbrella

Any mehendi ceremony is incomplete without a splash of bright colours. Add warm and eye-catching colours to your mehendi ritual as you handover these colourful umbrellas to your invitees.

A small catch note here: you and your bridesmaids can also have a gorgeous photoshoot with these bright-coloured umbrellas.

  • Mehendi Candles

Candles make an affordable yet incredible mehendi favours for your guests. They are always a smart choice when you fall short of ideas. Since we are talking about mehendi favours and therefore, buying these candles will surely create a strong impact.

  • A Set of Ethnic Tumblers

Tumblers are one of those items that are both functional and decorative. And the fun just adds up if they are decorated in pretty ethnic textures. Be it the delicious creamy lassi or lip-smacking aam panna, it feels different to be drinking any kind of beverage from them. They’ll make a convenient and useful mehendi favour as guests are surely going to love them. 

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