Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

How to be fashionable in College Life?

When we talk about fashion, then we mostly talk about teenagers, college students and people

When we talk about fashion, then we mostly talk about teenagers, college students and people from 18 to 30 age scale. Because college students and same age group people often face peer pressure to look fashionable and trendy. That’s why fashion ideas are more popular among college students.

You should be Confident

However, no matter what dress you wear, you must be confident about it and feel good. Without a doubt this is the most important thing. Whether you are wearing jeans or a miniskirt, if you don’t feel right it will inevitably be a bad day. You will have the feeling that everyone is watching you and you can’t wait to go home to change.

You should feel Comfortable in your Dress

More than the looks, comfort is the first thing that people want to wear as a dress because if you don’t feel comfortable in your dress then you can’t wear it all the day long, plus you will not able to concentrate on your studies as well. So, comfort in the dress is really important. It is not important to feel comfortable only from a psychological point of view, but also the physical needs to be treated with the right respect. Tackling hours and hours of class and spending the day away from home could be very stressful and doing it with too tight clothes and / or too tight or high shoes would certainly not help us.

Accessories are Important

While we are talking about fashion, how the accessories can be left behind? A true fashion enthusiast knows how important the accessories are to make a beautiful dress even more beautiful. When you take notes, it’s not nice to have completely empty arms and fingers. Opt for rings and bracelets that are not too pompous. As for the bag, however, you can really wear everything: maxi bags, backpacks, tote bags, handbags, shoulder bags, and many other models. At the foot, now that winter arrives, we let go of boots, ankle boots, and sneakers.

Be Fashionable, Be Stylish with LIT

Well, as you can imagine there are unlimited ways of dressing for college students and teenagers. No matter if you are a boy or a girl, you just need to follow someone who can be an inspiration or can guide you on how to style. The best option is to follow the LIT (Living In Trend) channel on YouTube. The anchor Deepali Choudhary from Delhi and Divyanshi Tripathi from Lucknow always bring the best videos on fashion and the latest trends. One of the most important things, they mostly come up with DIY top fashion videos. With the videos on this YouTube channel, anyone can try DIY tips and tricks to be fashionable and trendy without even spending too much amount of money. As you can see, Indian college girls are really conscious about their looks and personalities. And college life matters a lot, not only for study but you learn how to style and how to keep up with the trend.

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