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Peter Max – A Unique Artist in Neo-Expressionism and Pop Art in America

Art lovers have come across a unique form of art known as pop art. It

Art lovers have come across a unique form of art known as pop art. It has been around since 1950 and is extremely popular in the UK and the USA. The main attraction of this form of art is it is very bold and expressive. It infuses the use of bold and bright colors, themes, and patterns. Some artists have dabbled in pop art; however, just a few of them have managed to stand out in the crowd to create a powerful impact on the world.

Peter Max – An iconic name in the field of neo-expressionism and pop art

Peter Max is one such pop art artist who has been a strong name to reckon within the field of pop art since 1950. He is an iconic name in the field of neo-expressionism and graphical art as well. He was born in 1937 and was inspired by his parents to learn the art. Peter Max has received formal tutelage from eminent artists before venturing into the field of pop art. He has traveled to several countries with his parents and was raised in China for some years near a Buddhist monastery. This is where he became inspired by cosmic art. He later went on to create some stunning pieces that involved elements of the cosmos, and he has used the stars, Moon and the Sun, in many of his artworks that came in the following years.

Attention to details and vibrant colors

His work is regularly placed on display in major galleries across the world. He has used a lot of bright colors and textures in his artwork that depict messages about the present and the future. He says that he draws inspiration from several subjects, and once an idea comes into his mind, he starts to express himself with pop art. He says that he pays acute attention to details, and this is why most of his works strike an emotional chord with his fans and admirers across the world.

Music and pop art

He has been the artist behind several music album covers and posters. He was with the psychedelic movement that originated in the 1960s and was the creator behind some of the world-famous music posters in the USA. He started his career in advertising and was famous for the 7-Up campaign in 1968. He has studied under some famous artists and has created the Statute of Liberty Series that began in 1976. This series was created by him to commemorate 200 years of American Independence. He has been the artist for several portraits of US Presidents, and one can see his works at major offices in the nation.

Peter Max also loves the environment and is now painting to spread awareness of pollution and the need for recycling of waste products. Peter Max is a political activist as well, and he creates artwork in this field too. One can see some of his artwork displayed at The Museum of Modern Art in America. Most of his fans and students of pop art visit this museum to see his amazing artwork and get inspired by them.

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