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Safety tips for bounce house

During the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the weather becomes pleasant and

During the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the weather becomes pleasant and cool. This is the perfect time of the year when people go on vacations and trips with their families or go to enjoy fairs, carnivals, and celebrations. When you go to funfairs and carnivals, you will see bounce housesand your children’s excitement along with them. Whether a bounce house at a carnival or an indoor bounce house, kids love to jump in it, play in it, make some friends while hopping in it.

Although the bounce houses are for kids and are loved by them, they are a bit dangerous. According to a study conducted in America in 2010, around 30 kids were treated on a daily basis in the emergency department were of inflatable menace. Few kids were severely injured which took a long time for them to recover.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about that as we are here to help you in protecting your kids from these types of serious injuries. After all, you can’t stop your kids from having fun and playing. In this article, we will tell you about the safety measures of the bounce house whether an indoor bounce house or a commercial one. If you take these measures, you can let your kids play in the bounce house and they won’t even get hurt.

For indoor bounce housestake care of these things.

Setting up your own bounce house can be a tedious task, but you need to be aware of a few things and your kids should be fine.

  • Keep sharp objects away

It is a thing of common sense that when you have an inflatable thing at your place, you need to steer clear of the sharp objects. However, we are including this point in the list because many times, there are tiny sharp objects that are missed by the eyes. This can puncture your indoor bounce house without you even knowing about it. So, it is always better to double-check and be sure than to risk your children’s life. So before setting up your bounce house be sure that the area where you are going to place it is clean and there is no sharp object or debris near it

  • Beware of the deflating house

Yes, a deflating bounce house is even more dangerous and can cause severe damage to your kids’ health. Before you let your kids play in the bounce house check the inflation of the air blower.  Make sure that the blower doesn’t run out of gas or is in proper condition. Otherwise, it will start to deflate and your kids will get stuck in it. If you are around the bounce house, you can save and protect your kids but what about when you are not around the bounce house.   In 2013, a few cases of choking due to deflation of indoor bounce houses came in. Although the kids were saved, the situation is still very dangerous. So, before letting your kids play check the bounce house thoroughly and beware of deflation or collapse.

  • Wind pressure

The inflatable bounce house does not weigh tons, after all, it is a hollow house filled with air. You need to check for the wind pressure in the atmosphere. With heavy winds blowing, letting your children play ing the bounce house is a risky affair. When you buy a bounce house, you get a user manual in which the wind speed is mentioned that the bounce house can withstand. Make sure to read the manual entirely. Check the wind speed and pressure, if it is fine according to the manual, then only let the children play in it.

There is a standard wind speed limit for the bounce house, however, some bounce houses are more delicate which have specific wind speed mentioned, do not ignore those instructions.

  • Keep a watch on kids

Even after following the above-mentioned points, you need to keep an eye on your kids. Kids love to do unique stuff, they don’t understand the extent of the danger they can get into. When they jump in the bounce house, they jump in weird ways in order to try out something new or even show off new moves to their friends and to you. You need to constantly check on them and make sure you warn them before letting them in about the way they jump, not to push anyone, not to jump on anyone, or somebody might get seriously injured. Even after having told them about the few safety measures, you need to stay close and watch them.

For commercial bounce houses take care of these things

Things become a bit different when it comes to commercial bounce houses. In an indoor bounce house, you personally take care of everything, however, in a commercial one, you can’t surprise everything.

  • Check or the number of children

The commercial bounce houses are hired by the companies for a special occasion like fair, carnival, parties, etc, and in these types of places, there are a lot of kids. You need to check the number of kids playing inside it before you send your kid to play in it. Even though the commercial bounce houses are robust and made with heavy-duty material, they still have limitations. Only a few kids can go inside the bouncer at a time.

  • Check for Patchwork

If you see a patchwork on the bounce house do not send your kids in it. Patchwork shows that the bounce house is already damaged and has been fixed. You don’t know if the repair work is robust enough or not. You don’t even know if that is the only repair work, what if there are multiple repairs done on the bounce house. Beware of the patchworks.

  • Keep a watch on your kids

Whether indoor or commercial, in the end, your kids are going to be kids. No matter how many instructions you follow, you need to keep an eye on kids and tell them about the measures that they can follow.

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