Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

We reveal the top 5 Netflix shows you will not want to miss in 2020

There is nothing better than sitting on the sofa, with a nice piping hot drink and a gripping TV series! It is estimated that a whopping 9.5 million people will have a Netflix subscription in 2020, and that will only grow as the years go by. It has become easier than ever to switch on the television and find your favourite TV show and film – gone are the days of VHS and 5 television channels!
So here we will reveal the top 5 Netflix TV shows of 2020, and you will not want to switch them off. Something you may need to consider is will your TV support Netflix? If you are in desperate need of a new telly, your aerial could also need checking out by a Gloucester Aerial Installation company, or one more local to you.
‘The Witcher’

Based on the book series by Polish Author Andrzej Sapkowski, this TV series follows a Monster Hunter Geralt of Rivia, sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg and Cintran princess Ciri who join together to fulfill their destinies by fighting Monsters that have plagued their world. Although this series has received criticism from TV review site Rotten Tomatoes, it has still been ranked one of the top Netflix series of 2020.

As a gripping psychological thriller ‘You’ has certainly grabbed the attention of viewers. Based in New York – Joe Goldberg, a Bookstore Manager finds himself falling in love with a customer called Guinevere Beck. This TV series is far from a romantic love story though, as behind closed doors Joe is a Serial Killer who develops a toxic and delusional obsession with Guinevere. ‘You’ has already been streamed by over 40 million people in its first month.
Below are more top Netflix shows to sink your teeth into:
●     Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
If you were a firm fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in your youth, this TV series will definitely be for you. This show only has 2 series, but has been renewed for another.
●     The Crown Lover of the Royal Family?  this TV series will certainly draw you in, and in total has 3 series
●     Black Mirror
Tech enthusiast? This one will be right up your street. This TV series portrays a world where technology goes pear shaped, this show has 5 series.

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