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Why do men misunderstand female friendship?

All women have experienced friendship with a man, discovering how little it takes to consider

All women have experienced friendship with a man, discovering how little it takes to consider some attentions such as attempts at flirting or being frank. And so smiles, laughter and looks are perceived as unequivocal signals: “he is trying”. Because it seems impossible for men and women to be” just friends “.Women often speak in ways that seem to us men full of confusion, contradictions and lies (sometimes unaware, sometimes intentional). In turn, men think and act in ways that, often, are “alien” and incomprehensible to women.

  • In general, clear and direct communication based on facts, free of allusions and implications, works better for men: if someone wants something, they expect him to ask for it clearly.
  • Women, on the other hand, tend to communicate more based on emotions, more nuanced and allusive, more empathetic: they expect the other to understand what they want.

Not infrequently women speak in a sibylline, cryptic, or through implications, yet they are convinced that they are completely clear and understandable (perhaps because among friends they communicate that way and understand each other): unfortunately, in most cases men do not understand, or misunderstand, that type of communication.

One of the major sources of misunderstanding is communicating by omitting information that seems obvious or obvious to us, but which is necessary for the other to understand each other. These omissions are problematic especially between men and women because, being different, what is obvious to one is often unclear or unknown to the other – and vice versa.

Men and women want different things

Another source of misunderstanding is the expectations, because we do not realize that we have them, or we assume that they are valid for the other. But it is likely that instead the other has no idea of ​​our expectations, or that his are different from ours. The only sure way to verify that you want the same things is to talk about it clearly. The diversity between men and women also leads to incomprehension because we often have different goals.

Advice on communication between men and women

Men often speak literally, that is, they say exactly what they think or want. Women don’t, so don’t take what she says literally, but try to “read between the lines” and grasp what she really means. If you notice a contradiction between what you say and your behavior, you consider behavior a more truthful indication of your words (facts matter more than speeches). This phenomenon of not understanding each other for boys and girls, is beautifully explained in the form of a comedy video by the alright squad in a Youtube channel “Alright!”. This video named “Bestfriend ki Girlfriend” in which Aman (main character) misunderstands the meaning of Naina (Girlfriend of Aman’s Bestfriend Rishabh) and creates an awkward situation. The video is full of entertainment and you must watch. “Alright!” always comes up with really interesting Hindi web series and videos on friends and bestfriends to reflect the real image of today’s generation life.

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