Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

5 Sure Fire Ways To Keep Your New Dog Calm

With the arrival of a new member in the family, everyone in the house is

With the arrival of a new member in the family, everyone in the house is disturbed. Especially the children, who are anxiously waiting for their new pet to become an inseparable playmate. This nervousness is detected by your poochie, and he also gets anxious at a strange place with all the new faces.

The moment we see our dog nervous or stressed, we must do something to make him calm. Here are five surefire ways for doing so.

Involve Your Poochie In some Activity

The daily walk understood as play and physical exercise will serve as one of the most effective natural remedies so that the dog is more relaxed at home, continuously and also in unexpected situations.

 A dog that takes long walks every day, runs and jumps through large natural spaces, parks, tracks, etc., will sleep much better, be less nervous and react less violently to certain unforeseen events. You can also use CBD or Hemp products to relax your pet’s mind.

A nervous dog must have its activity at home controlled, which is not about actions that can further increase that nervousness. They must be relaxed games. Dynamic games such as running after the ball or jumping are best left for when you go for a walk. In this way we will promote the calm behavior of our pet, and avoid nervousness at home.

Use Natural Herbs

Chamomile: One of the best known, with perfect assimilation by dogs. It also has important antispasmodic effects, and helps to alleviate digestive problems. If our pet suffers from the gut from stress or nerves, chamomile is the perfect remedy, and the way to supply it is with a little honey.

Lavender : For a long time used as a relaxant in humans, it also serves with dogs. It is scientifically proven that the aroma of lavender has calming effects. To supply it to the dog, it will be enough to dissolve a few drops in a place where the animal has to smell it. With that the smell will suffice, it is not necessary to ingest it. A good idea is to apply these drops on the bed, where the animal sleeps.

Organic CBD Dog Treats: These treats serve as the calming aids for nervous dogs. Medical marijuana is aiding dogs the same as it is aiding humans to deal with their anxiety.

Play Games

In the home: The first golden rule to follow with a nervous dog is to avoid too active games at home . At home, we will take the opportunity to remind you of the basic rules of obedience , such as “sit down”, “come here” or “lie down”, without forgetting your deserved prize if you do it right.

Opt for the toys that can entertain his mind for hours.You can find them in various shapes and textures, filled with prizes, that the pet can discover little by little.

In the park:  Outdoors , opt for exercises where you can develop your physical and mental abilities , such as olfactory and tracking . It will be enough to spread some objects with some food and hide them in strategic places, to put your hairy into action.

Ignore its Barking

When it is time for rest , close the door of the room that you have enabled to rest and ignore its barking . When he stops, you can open the door and give him a treat (without abusing) to reinforce his good behavior.

Final Tip – Don’t Yell At Him

If the puppy does not calm down in any way, it is best not to pay any attention. Be patient and do not yell at him or make sudden movements because you will make him more nervous. If you listen to him every time he cries, you will reinforce this negative behavior and turn your dog into a dependent and insecure pet.

Happy Pet Parenting!!

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