Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Five Clever Ways To Preserve Your Baby’s Memories

When a baby arrives in the family, it would be difficult to remember to get

When a baby arrives in the family, it would be difficult to remember to get your camera and record the moments as they reach their milestones. But many families want to have a physical memento of these instances. If this is what you are looking for, there are five ways to preserve your child’s memories. 

BABY Ink Ink-less Print Kits

BABY Ink is one of the trusted names when it comes to preserving baby memories. If you want to have a physical remembrance of your child’s hand and footprints, these inkless print kits are certified non-toxic. It is effortless to use and is suitable even for newborn babies. With the inkless baby footprint kit, you can make four to eight prints depending on the size of the projects you are doing.

Memory Jars

Another way to keep track of the memorable things your child does is by using a memory jar. You can decorate a mason jar and place it on your bookshelf with a pen and a notepad beside it. And every time you want to take note of a meaning memory, you can use the notepads and pen to write them down. And during your end-of-year family gatherings, gather them around and read each of them in front of everyone.


If you like scrapbooking, this is your chance to show your creative ideas as you go through the milestones of your child. You can print out photos and place each of them in your scrapbook. You can even add the BABY Ink inkless print impression that you have made in the scrapbook as part of the memories for keepsakes.

Quilt From Old Baby Clothes

It is expected that once the baby starts to grow, they will also outgrow their clothes. And if you are not planning to give your baby’s onesies to friends and relatives, you can make a quilt out of them. This is one great way to look back on the newborn stages of your baby. And when your babies are all grown up and have babies of their own, you can also give this as a gift for them.

Shadow Box

It is one of the best ways to preserve memories. A shadow box is a picture frame that will let you store a lot of things other than photos. With a shadow box, you can add a lot of memorable items – pregnancy test, first ultrasound photos, hospital bands, and a lot more. The shadow box will let you capture the complete experience of having a baby in the family.

Keeping the most moments in keepsakes is one of the hobbies that you can start now that you have a baby. So why not start your keepsake projects soon. If you are still expecting, make sure that you have all the necessary items you need so that you can just grab them when you are ready to record those memories.

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