Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020
dementia treatment in Pune

How to Make A Dementia Patient Feel Better?

When it comes to dementia old age is most related to it and there are

When it comes to dementia old age is most related to it and there are many non-drug treatments that are available and can also help one to live well even if they are suffering from this disease.

When it comes to dementia treatment in Pune, then they include a lot of advice, therapies, support and activities which are very beneficial. After diagnosis they start their treatment plan accordingly and there are professionals who ask relevant questions to the person who needs the treatment before starting the procedure. Getting some vital information is needed because it can help the doctors to plan a proper treatment procedure ahead.

Here are some major things that they can try:

  • There can be talking therapies like counseling. Here one can help someone to come to terms with the disease and the diagnosis so that they can get easy about discussing their feelings.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy or CBT where a patient suffering from anxiety or depression can be treated well.
  • Cognitive stimulation therapy or CST which is a very popular therapy which can keep the mind active of a person suffering from dementia and this is very important. Doctors can arrange for some themed activity sessions every week for them.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation which can enable them to retain the skills and this can help them to cope better with the situations. This therapy can be done at home as well with individuals who are suffering from memory loss. One can make a regular routine for them and break their tasks into simple steps so that it can be easier for them to do so.
  • If the patients want to share about their memories and experiences, one must never discourage them. They can also enjoy some reminiscence work and this can help them as they get mental abilities and it can also improve their mood.
  • The other therapies must include music, art and singing. This is a very vital thing which can help to treat a patient with dementia. It helps them to stay active mentally, physically and socially. If they take part in some meaningful activities on a regular basis then it can help in increasing self confidence and self esteem as well.

In dementia care Pune, there are some other important things that are taken care of Kessler Dental Associates:


Maintain a healthy diet for the patients means the risk for the Alzheimer’s disease can be reduced and it can also help in slow progression of the disease. The major ingredients that has to be there are fresh green vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli along with fish which has omega 3 fatty acids.

Physical Activity and Exercise

This can protect the brain health better and if one is into activities like evening walking and gardening then it can definitely help in other health benefits.

Brain exercises are also needed for these patients on a regular basis and reading books can be considered one of the important factors here which can help them to be better.

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