Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Men Workouts- Busting the Most Common Myths

The Fitness world seems to be a mystery with all the information that we have

The Fitness world seems to be a mystery with all the information that we have right now. Internet access has opened doors for new avenues, and now everyone can look up information about fitness. With so much information openly available on the internet and no way to track the source, we end up with false information and a lot of myths.

There is no doubt that a fitness regime cannot be generalized for all; most of the workout spreadsheets and schedules available online are designed for the general public. However, considering that everyone reacts to the same diet and same workout routine differently, everyone has developed myths according to their personal experience and random information available online.

If you are not familiar with fitness, diet, and workout, you are more likely to believe in false perceptions, and this will further impact the way you absorb further information. When it comes to gender-based workout routines, we are all familiar with the fact that women cannot work out just like men and cannot follow the same diet because this has completely different impacts.

On the contrary, when we talk about men’s fitness, we have some of the most absorb myths and misconceptions. Although some of the fitness-related workout and diet information are similar for both genders, if we consider the myths, we can see that unless you are not dripping sweat, you are not qualified to be a men fitness trainer. On the other hand, we don’t think women need such a difficult regime because of their BMI and body fat content. To help you understand more easily about the human body and the fitness regime to follow, we have tried to address some common fitness myths; these myths will help you separate the actual news and spot the fake news when you see one.

Lifting Weight Will Help You Gain Muscle

Yes, lifting weight is good, and this will help you strengthen muscle, but if you want to bulk up, gain the flesh and muscle, you might want to lower your expectations. Starting from the basics where women are asked to skip it completely because this exercise is for men, this is completely wrong. Secondly, you will only build up if you lift enough weight and you do enough reps, and this can only be determined by a good fitness trainer. Suing hit and trial method or experimenting with weight can be quite dangerous for your muscles and body posture in general.

Treadmill Walk Is Better Than Normal Walk

One of the worst myths that you might have heard is that a treadmill is better than normal jogging or walk. Maybe this myth was created to sell a treadmill, but this is not true and cannot be validated through any source. Instead, when it comes to a treadmill, you have a controlled environment, and most of us are working in a centrally conditioned environment where we hardly sweat. On the other hand, you exert more energy when you are outside, you feel better, and you work better because you have a constant motivation to go home. It is far better to wear your activewear and go out for jogging rather than just limiting yourself in a glass box.

Crunches Mean Fast Abs

Well, this is a common misconception related to fitness, we all love crunches, and we have this burning passion for starting our workout with crunches because we think this will burn fats and help us with easy weight loss. According to fitness trainers, crunches might be good for your health, and they can aid in abs and six-packs, but if you are not burning fats, you will not be able to see your abs at all. The only way to make your crunches provide you with desired results is if you burn fats with proper loss of weight through diet. 

Sports Drink Is Good for Workout

Sports drinks are good for workouts because they provide electrolytes, especially potassium, calcium, and magnesium, that are good for health. Maybe this is another myth that was created for marketing purposes because these sports drinks have a lot of sugar, and sugar means a lot of calories. If you are working out to burn the calories, why would you want to consume the same number of calories again? It is far better to help yourself with some water and if you really want to get the same number of electrolytes, try some organic juice and you will see the difference.

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