Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

Right Cosmetic Specialists For Your Treatment Plans

Men and women desired to have a beautiful appearance. Most of these people are going

Men and women desired to have a beautiful appearance. Most of these people are going to the cosmetics clinic to ask for various treatments according to their needs. To maintain a pleasing appearance is an asset. To have a pleasing appearance is an added point to a person when defining beauty. Lumea Aesthetics helps both men and women with their cosmetic needs. With many cosmetic clinics offering their service, there could be one that offers the best.

Cosmetic treatments services

Lumea Aesthetics help cosmetic treatment needs for both men and women. There are several cosmetic treatments offers by the clinic with their professional cosmetic specialists to achieve the desired cosmetic outcomes. Cosmetic treatments services offered are:

  • Anti-wrinkle. Wrinkles are lines that appear on the forehead, under eye, beside the mouth part and neck, which are noticeable. So, wrinkles can make you look old. Therefore, it is time to eliminate that wrinkles and maintain the youthful glow using the specialized treatment for minimizing facial wrinkles. Visible facial lines are usually dynamic wrinkles once the muscles are relaxed. The anti-wrinkle injections help relax the muscles. Nerve signals are inhibited to the specific facial muscle that creases and wrinkles will fade producing a younger look. 
  • Lip treatments. Lips are enhanced by using your natural contours. The treatment helps the lips to have a fuller look, restore its natural proportion. The lip areas are enhanced giving lip volume and evert the inside lip out slightly. The treatment is done to the top and bottom lip to achieve the natural balance and look between them. The skin beside the lips will enhance by revitalizing the skin using skin boosters. Fine lines are corrected on the upper lip or lift the corners of the mouth to enhance the lip area.
  • Facial slimming. The treatment is done using non-surgical techniques for face and jawline slimming. Anyone can achieve a different aesthetic of the face. The squared jawline is attractive and beautiful. But a square-shaped face is not. So, facial slimming treatment is done to convert it to a V or oval-shaped face. The squareness of the jaw will be reduced by injecting anti-wrinkle in the masseter muscle.    
  • Fat-dissolving. The treatment is effective for men and women, it applies to both genders. Stubborn fat deposit in the body is due to natural aging, weight fluctuations, and genetic. The treatment helps reduce fat pockets appearance in the body. The same treatment is performed to eliminate the bra bulge. To achieve the unique aesthetic goals, injections in the areas will permanently dissolve fast cells.
  • Thread lift. No surgical treatment is performed skin lifting. It is best in tightening and repositioning tissue laxity in the neck and facial area.

These are the cosmetic treatments that men and women can acquire in the clinic with cosmetic professionals. 

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