Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Top five easy home remedies to remove scars

We all had to deal with the outbreak of pimples in our lives. Pimples not only look bad but also make us embarrassed. After that pimples leave scars on our face that are stubborn and refuses to go. While there are different types of products available in the market today like ointments and Stretch mark removal soap but it can be very expensive and sometimes difficult to find in the market according to our skin types.

Therefore let us check out the home remedies to remove scars

  1. Lemon juice

Lemon is easily available in our home. All you need to do is just apply some lemon juice directly on the scars. You can either use a cotton bud or your fingertips to apply the lemon juice. After that keep it for ten minutes and rinse it off with water. Also, you can use this process one to two times a day. Lemon works as a natural bleach and will help to lighten your scars.

  • Coconut oil

Coconut Oil is also very effective in removing scars. This oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids. Just rub some warm coconut oil on to your scars for five to ten minutes. Then leave it for an hour. After that wash it with water. The regular application of coconut oil helps to remove scars.

  • Aloe Vera

Again aloe vera is antibacterial and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Just take an aloe vera leaf and cut it wide open to scoop the gel out of it. After that massage, the aloe vera gel directly on the scars and leave it on for thirty minutes. Then wash it with water. You can repeat this process two to three times a day.

  • Baking soda

Take two teaspoons baking soda in a bowl and mix it with some water to make a thin paste. Now apply this paste directly on your acne scars. Then leave it for some time and rinse it off with water. This process should be done once a day for several weeks. You will notice that your acne scars are fading away as baking soda acts as a exfoliate for the skin.

  • DIY coffee soap

So if you are looking for a Soap that can remove scars, you can make soap using some coffee and your regular soap. First of all, grate the soap or cut it into very small pieces. Then place in a jar with some water. After that place in the microwave for thirty seconds and stir continuously after ten seconds. The soap may rise so look for it. Also, make sure that lumps are not formed because the soap will crumble. The soap needs to be soft and silky. After that add a tablespoon of coffee grounds and mix well. Pour in a mold and let it settle for ten minutes then slowly take out like a cake. This coffee soap is very beneficial in removing the redness of the scars. Also, as a mild fragrance.


If you are suffering from scars their many home remedies to cure it. Finally, the herbal remedies are inexpensive and safe on the skin.

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