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torex cough syrup company

Torex Herbal Cough Syrup for Natural Cough Relief.

Season by season both adults and children are suffering from the viral attacks in a

Season by season both adults and children are suffering from the viral attacks in a different type of cough and cold. The first and immediate solution followed by many is consuming the Ayurvedic cough syrup. Particularly chosen natural herbs are effective in cough treatment. The torex herbal cough syrup is formulated for both adults and children and safe to use. The main ingredients Tulsi and honey have several health benefits used in this syrup. Herbal cough syrup relieves individuals from chronic bronchitis, whooping cough, allergic rhinitis, dry cough, and wet cough.

Composition of the herbal cough syrup from Torex:

The torex cough syrup can be consumed by all age category people from young to old. The syrup is to be consumed with lukewarm water. Coughs can be treated naturally by using torex regularly. The Torex cough syrup is an all-natural formula that is made up of only the most natural ingredients. Its components are, yashtimadhu, vasa, kantkari, sunthi, guggulu, Draksha, jathiphal, vidanga, aamlaki, kali mirch, pudina, tejpatra, shati, madu, nawsadar, bhibitaka, haritaki, etc apart from the main herbs. The main herbs, however, are as follows,

  • Tulsi: Mobilizes mucus and suppresses cold. Dilates and calms lung airways. Tulsi has polyphenolic parameters, urosolic acid, and oleonolic acid. These parameters alleviate infection or allergy in the air path.
  • Banapsha: This ingredient is an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and anticatarrhal.
  • Tailspatra: is anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-tussive etc.
  • Pippali: Helps in enhancing the circulation of the lung and encourages vasodilatation.
  • Kulanjan: Has bronchodilator properties and relieves the itching of throat.

Why should you go for torex cough syrup?

Coughs are always considered infections, irritants, and continuous coughing is always irritating. Though there are several reasons for the cough to occur, individuals always desired to have medicine that has no side effects. In that case, herbal medicines are playing a key role and are considered as a natural way to heal coughing. In that manner, Torex cough syrup is one that relieves individuals from coughing instantly. The syrup is free from side effects, safe and effective. The ayurvedic formulation is formulated in a manner the individuals are free from coughing instantly.

The most common viral infections faced by the common man are cough and cold. Most of us are prone to these infections very frequently. So instead of going for the allopathic medicines, it is always best to follow the Ayurvedic cough syrups due to the lessened side effects.

The cough syrup from torex is indeed a combination medicine that is effective in the temporary relief of dry cough, smokers cough, wooping cough, allergic cough, post-surgical cough, chronic cough etc. The formula is proven to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of cough with very minimal side effects such as sleepiness, drowsiness and fatigue.

Final words:

The herbal syrup from the torex cough syrup company,  is extremely beneficial in the treatment of cough that is secondary to obstruction in the air passage as well. It is also proven to be beneficial in handling breathing difficulties.

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