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What Does Blood Pressure Mean For Your Heart?

The term blood pressure is commonly used in the context of heart health. Also, most of the patients visiting any clinic or hospital are checked for their blood pressure so as to diagnose certain conditions related to the heart or even with some other body parts and organs. Though most people use the term blood pressure and in fact get their blood pressure checked in routine, however only a few people are aware of what it actually means or what is the importance of blood pressure for your heart.

Let us discuss the same in the current content:-

Meaning Of Blood Pressure

According to the leading London heart clinic,blood pressure is basically the force that is exerted by the heart when pumping blood all around your body. The heart has to pump blood to all the body parts and organs so that these may get nutrients as well as oxygen along with the blood. The action of pumping the blood can actually take place only if some sort of force or pressure is exerted by the heart muscles. This pressure or force is what is referred to as blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Measurement

The pressure of the flow of blood by the heart is primarily measured in millimetres of Mercury. There are two aspects of blood pressure- systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is the pressure that is exerted when blood is pushed out by the heart. Likewise, diastolic pressure refers to the pressure when the heart is in resting condition amidst the two beats.

Types Of Blood Pressure

There are two types of blood pressure in any person including high blood pressure and low blood pressure. The former refers to a condition when the pressure of blood flow is higher than the normal permissible limits. On the other hand, the latter refers to a condition wherein the pressure of blood flow is lower than the normal permissible limits.

Blood Pressure And Heart Health

As per the popular London heart clinic,the blood pressure of a person is a direct indicator of heart health. People who have normal blood pressure are known to have a healthy heart as compared to those who suffer from certain issues related to blood pressure. Extremely high as well as low blood pressure may cast a negative impact on heart health. The major causes of changes in blood pressure of a person include lifestyle, certain habits including smoking and alcohol consumption, diet, stress, genetic factors and so on.

This was all about blood pressure and its meaning in the context of the heart. In order to ensure that your heart remains absolutely healthy in all respects, you need to maintain normal pressure of the flow of blood through the arteries.

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