Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

Bring Home the Bacon

What is our goal in life, and do we need passion to make this all

What is our goal in life, and do we need passion to make this all come true?

Sometimes there is always a question that runs in our mind whenever we feel that we are worthless. We ask ourselves the purpose of being here in this world. We tend to be so down and always to think negative things that we thought can comfort us during those times. As these things happen, we always forget what we are before it occurs. And what our passion and what we are dreamed of being in the future. Just like the others, if ever we feel that we are losing ourselves in the process, we can always look up to the people who are still pursuing their dreams and make it come true by not giving up to reach their goal.

One of the people that can be a good example of pursuing their passion is Allan Campion. He is a food expert, and when we say food expert, it is not only that, he is also known for using the technology to connect in different parts of the world. And that is why he is very famous. Just like every one of us, he had his struggles too, but those stages did not stop him from doing what he wanted to do in his life. He is also once a starter to the field he gets into, and by that time, he knew what he really wanted to be in life. Right now, he is known for his food and travel writing, hospitality consulting, mentoring, cooking classes and speaking engagements.

By trusting yourself, you can also accomplish what this man did in his own life. You can always look up to him as an inspiration to reach your goals too, that no matter what happens, as long as you pursue your dreams, you will get it too. We can always be whoever we want to be if we just urge ourselves to do more. Failure is a brother of success; it is always there, so we need to learn to live with it. Do not be discouraged if in one try, you fail; there is always another time and another chance to do and to show what we are capable of. Like Allan, we can always try to write, make some try on cooking, and engage ourselves in public speaking. At first, he tried all of this too, and he never gave himself a reason to stop.

Life is like a food, it does not taste good at the start of the process, and we need to mix different kinds of seasonings just to have a flavorful taste. Just like us, we can never experience success if we are not going to start and encounter problems during our run in getting our dream.

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