Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

Chair Lifts As The Preferred Mobility Solution In Homes

Does a member of your family struggle with mobility issues on staircases? In particular, are

Does a member of your family struggle with mobility issues on staircases? In particular, are they struggling with walking up or down flights of stairs? If so, then the installation of a chair lift could help to solve many of your issues. A chair lift would be a hassle free and safe solution to transporting individuals who have or at risk of mobility issues.

Commonly, when you think of wheelchair bound individuals or those with lower limb issues in multi-storey homes, then the image of glass lifts come to mind. While equally effective, glass lifts do require more space and infrastructure in order to be built. In contrast, chair lift Singapore products can be built into your home’s staircase with minimal impact.

Misconception of price

There are many who believe that stair lifts are overly pricey for the majority ofus. This is not really true especially when considering the risk endured by mobility challenged individuals on a daily basis as well as when comparing other alternatives on the market.

To have a straight stair lift mounted in your house (for many staircases) can cost as low as $3,200. A lot of property owners pick a design in the $3,200 to $3,500 variety. Prices quoted will include components, setup, the evaluation and authorization, and the service warranty. This means that for this single price, you would be getting an assurance of quality and a pledge to fix any issues that may crop up.

Minimal infrastructure

Another common misconception is that   stair lift installation will necessitate construction or new electric lines. This is not always true, depending on the existing setup in your home. In most cases, no electric works will be needed to be completed prior to installation of the chair lift.

Thankfully, a brand-new straight stair lift set up can be completed in two to three hours, and the set up does not affect the surrounding wall in any way. The stair lift rail is placed on the stairs, not on the wall. Assuming an adjacent outlet is available, no electric lines require to be run. A curved stair lift can be finished in one day in most cases, and the situation is the same concerning the electrical accessibility.

From start to end

First, the state certified stair lift installer will call you to establish a complimentary at home consultation to evaluate the stairway, and offer item info and rates. As soon as a stair lift has been selected, the equipment will be purchased (if the installer does not have it in supply). Installation, training on making use of the lift, and final evaluation all complete the procedure from stair lift purchase to setup.

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