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Keep your garden clean with our plastic fence roll

Planning to build your vegetable garden or looking out for a fence to protect your

Planning to build your vegetable garden or looking out for a fence to protect your beautiful flowers, then you are at the right place. Our plastic fence roll is just the right thing for you and your beautiful garden. For many years, our PVC-coated Chain-link Fencing was famous. Our fence can be adapted to any requirement and environment in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. PVC-coated fencing provides additional corrosion protection and an esthetic appearance. It is immune to ultraviolet (U.V) under extreme heat (up to 50 ° C).

Get the best from our plastic fence roll

Many common pests include goats, woodchucks, rats, raccoons, squeezes and chipmunks, and many other pests in the garden area. Many of Critterfence.com’s clients built a garden fence to keep the dog or the cat out of their vegetable garden away from their neighbors. Shop for our plastic fence roll, and you won’t have to think again before planting new trees in your garden.

For more than 25 years, we have been providing cable solutions. In the years, we have become confident producers and suppliers of a wide range of quality cable products. We market our goods to companies in multinationals worldwide. The specialty is in supplying high-quality chain-link fencing, plastic fence roll, PVC-capped chain-link fencing, crimped wire mesh and other wire goods for different industries. Concertina Razor blade wire mesh, stainless wire mesh.

We at Critterfence.com are specialized in fence systems for keeping or retaining animals. Most customers use this kind of fencing, in particular, to keep deer out. You need the least visible material to have a capable cervix or a clasp that blends well with your landscape. It will disappear from a short distance (just 15 meters away) the beauty of this kind of material. For these clients who try to maintain a beautiful view from their yard, or don’t like the look of a full barrier closing, this is particularly important. Such substance is completely invisible within walking distance. Comparing flat strand fencing, especially in higher breaking forces, is far more evident.

Plastic fence roll offers permanent seasonal protection

you have to render most of these kits permanent or temporary. We use heavy powder-coated galvanized steel sleeves, which have been driven onto the ground. Then glide in the sleeves and seal it in with a set screw with our animated black Polvo coated round posts. Depending on your application, we have several different types of kits. Many clients only need a 6-foot adjustable fence to secure their arborvitae from winter deer browsing.  

Who are we?

Critterfence.com is a privately owned and operated non-electrical barrier corporation that supports wildlife. To retail and wholesale consumers, we produce, install, and distribute parts. We only recommend rounded poly beam fitting or semi-round poly fitting if you need fence material as an obstacle in the garden, like a backyard fence (house to the backyard, back yard to home) or a complete perimeter, with a driveway.

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