Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

Rack Solutions For Single SKU Operations

Does your business have an operation with a single SKU being stored in enormous volumes?

Does your business have an operation with a single SKU being stored in enormous volumes? Is your warehouse running out of space? If so, then it is time for you to look at mass racking solutions that cater to uniform products.

These systems are specially designed to increase the number of products that can be stored in a single space. In packing as much stock into a space as possible however, a number these stocks become inaccessible till stock on the outside is cleared. As such, a single SKU or uniform product is a preferred use of these storage racks Singapore solutions.

2 well known examples of such systems are the Push Back Rack and Pallet Flow Rack.

Push Back Rack

Push back racks are typically the front-runner solution for warehouses challenged by restricted space. Because they offer as much as 90% more item storage than selective rack systems by removing the necessity for multiple loading/unloading aisles.

Push back racks function are comparable to a vending machine. When an item is selected, succeeding pallet carts roll forward. The system consists of a collection of nesting carts that roll along steel rails. This supplies easy access to a variety of products and SKU’s that can each be stored at different levels.

Not unlike a drive-in pallet rack, the system uses a LIFO inventory control approach. However, in this system, the fork trucks will not be able to reach inner parts of your rack.


  • High storage density without the requirement to drive into the rack, limiting possible damage
  • Front loading/unloading, removing the requirement for multiple aisles


  • Inability to get access to all pallets
  • Limited depth, restricted to 4-5 lanes max

Pallet Flow Rack

High volume and rapid moving itemsare a distinct combo that requires a special solution to stay on top of picking. A top quality gravityfed pallet flow rack system is just the system to help reduce costs while saving on valuable space.

Inclined shelves make use of gravity’s all-natural pressure to organically attract palletized loads forward to the designated picking spot. Without the need to constantly rearrange products on shelves after removing external ones, fork trucks need not access the internal stocks. Instead, the loads are automatically brought on to the next level of access through natural gravity.

The pallet flow rack can utilise either FIFO or LIFO systems depending on how you setup the goods to flow.


  • Products can be stored 20+ pallets deep creating an optimal high-density storage space system
  • Singular loading/unloading point limits damages from forklifts
  • Flow racks can be put into almost any prevailing pallet rack arrangement


  • Can be a more pricey financial investment than various other storage space options
  • Poor access to all pallets

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