Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

Shall You Hire A Residential Architect For Your Project

When advised to hire one of the leading residential architects in Seattle for their projects,

When advised to hire one of the leading residential architects in Seattle for their projects, people often have two questions to ask. “What do architects do?” and “Do I need to hire one for my project?”

In this article, let’s discuss whether you need an architect’s services for your project or not.  

Whether you are looking forward to building an ADU in your house, renovating your house or building a new one, you need to hire one of the best residential architects in Seattle as you are making a worthwhile investment. You have got some ideas and the architecture will bring your ideas to reality. You have to make the architect aware of your needs and goals. The architect can customize the design of your ADU or house to meet your needs.

He can guide you through the entire approval and permitting process. Depending on what you and the architect have agreed on in the contract, he can oversee the construction of your project. His presence at the site can help in completing the project on time and without facing any unplanned financial burden. The architect can ensure an appropriate level of quality and standards.    

Do You Need To Hire An Architect?  

It depends on where you are living, the paperwork involved in the project, your time and budget, and many other factors. For example, you might get your building permit approved only and only if you produce all the drawings with the architect’s stamp on them.

Regulatory requirements for obtaining a building permit vary from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction within a state. Some of these requirements are considered met only and only when your drawings are stamped by an architect. So, when it comes to regulatory requirements, contact the local building department. They can tell whether you need to work with an architect or not. In case you need one, hire an architect in Seattle who can handle your project.

Benefits of Hiring an Architect  

What if the local building department says that you do not need to get your drawings stamped from an architect? What are the benefits to reap if you still hire an architect?

Creative Interpretation of Your Ideas

You have a clear idea of what kind of space you want. An architect can integrate your ideas, goals, needs and wants for the project using his creativity.

Knowledge Base and Skill Set

An architect uses your design ideas and his construction knowledge for your project. While creating a design for your needs, he considers cost, efficiency, materiality, durability and engineering of your project.

Professional Management

A good architect is a good planner. He can manage your project professionally. The architect can avoid costly construction delays. In addition to the value for money, you also get peace of mind as you know that your project will be successfully completed on time.

Value For the Money

The value you will get and the money you will save is a lot more than what you are going to pay to the architect. He can reduce your construction bills and operation costs.

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