Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Top 5 Best Wall Mounted Fans In India

Wall-mounted fans keep the air circulated throughout the room. Wall fans are very less in price compared to ceiling fans. They are easy to install and have three levels of speed adjustment. Wall-mounted fans are considered to be the best to beat the summer. The following are the best wall mounted fans in India.

Havells Platina 400mm Remote Wall Fan

These are the top most popular, and best wall mounted fans in India. This wall fan can be easily fixed on any wall. The design looks elegant and beautiful, which adds richness to your room. You can also install this fan in your kitchen to ensure that you are cooking comfortably. It has three blades, and the air will be distributed at a minimum speed of 72 cubic meters per minute. It has a remote to control the speed from a distance.

Havells Swing Dzire 300mm Wall Fan

This wall fan delivers wonderful performance with very little power consumption. The fan is elegantly designed that is suitable for all types of interior designs. It has five transparent blades that add its attractiveness. The rotational speed is measured as 1350 RPM, and the air will be distributed at 50 CMM. This type of fan has pulling cords to adjust the speed as per the requirement.

Havells Ciera 300mm Cabin Fan

This fan provides fresh air around your cabin. This model is designed in such a way that you get cool air from all directions. This fan has a speedy motor that controls the speed. It has an outer grill that protects you from any accidental touch.

Bajaj Ultima Wall Fan

This type of fan is effective in small regions such as the kitchen, bathroom, and small cabins. The speed motor in the fan gives comfortable and breezy air. The fan air will be distributed at a minimum speed of 50 CMM and a swing of 200MM. For the improvement of air thrust, the fan is made up of Superior technology.

Havells Birdie Personal Fan

This type of fan allows 360° rotation of the fan head both in the horizontal and vertical planes. You can use it either on a desk, mounted on a wall, or wall. It has a stylish spiral mesh guard. It has 2 pole capacitor motors to deliver strong air at 2800 RPM. It delivers maximum air because of the design and the aerofoil section.

Advantages of wall mounted fan

  • They are easy to clean.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They consume less power.
  • They come in various RPM. You can select one according to your requirements.
  • Few models have remote controls to operate.
  • As they are small in size, they fit into any small rooms like the kitchen.
  • They come with elegant designs and are less in price compared to the ceiling fans.

Blades are designed to supply air at the required speed.

These are the top 5 best walls mounted fans in India. You can compare the features and prices and buy according to your requirements.

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