Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

3 Wonderful Tips to Protect Your Eyeglasses Against Scratches

Eyeglasses aren’t something that people purchase regularly. Also, many people spend a long time choosing the right frame in an attractive color to suit their personality. Some of them realize the importance of their product’s health and get a microfiber sunglass pouch to keep it safe.

However, not all understand why it is necessary to think of glasses’ safety. In addition to investing in quality glasses, it is essential to protect them against various kinds of potential threats, including scratches, dust, and others. Unfortunately, many people do not take care of their eyeglasses, even when they wear them on a daily basis. This leads to damaged glasses.

What’s the best way to keep sunglasses safe?

Whether you keep your glasses in your bag or you have a special case for it, there are a few things to consider to maintain their health and have a clear vision.

  • Clean Your Glasses The Right Way

Most of the owners clean their glasses with their shirts or handkerchiefs to remove dust particles. Although it may help to get rid of the dust, it damages the glasses. In fact, it leads to scratches on it.

According to experts, the best way to clean glasses is to use a microfiber cleaning cloth. Smooth texture, soft fabric, and microfibers; these are some things about a quality microfiber clothing piece that makes it easy to clean glasses without putting scratches over them. 

  • Rinse Your Glasses Under Tap Water

If there is something beyond dust particles on your glasses, then rinse them under lukewarm tap water. It will help in removing dust and other debris from your eyeglasses. In this way, the dust on glasses won’t lead to scratches on the lens.

Here, you need to ensure that hot water is not being used to clean the glasses. In case you want to use soap, make sure it’s a lotion-free soap. Apart from that, do not apply dishwashing liquid to the lenses.

  • Store Glasses in the Right Pouch

In addition to cleaning eyeglasses in the right way, it is also necessary to store them accurately. Whether you keep them in your bag or your office’s drawer, it is necessary to keep them safe to protect them from all types of threats.

Similar to a microfiber cleaning cloth, you have an option to choose a microfiber sunglass pouchand protect your glasses against scratches when you aren’t using them. These are high-quality pouches made of microfiber. They do not hurt the health of your glasses and keep them safe.

Microfiber sunglass pouches are durable and soft pieces that come in many colors. Also, they are cost-effective accessories that you can have many for your glasses. Apart from that, they are easy to clean.

In the End

Increase the life of your eyeglasses by taking care of them. Follow the right methods of cleaning them and store them in a quality pouch made of Microfiber. All the best!    

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