Sat. Sep 26th, 2020
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5 Reasons Why Your Watch Is Not Working

When you own a watch, you know it is supposed to stop working or slow

When you own a watch, you know it is supposed to stop working or slow down after a while. However, unlike smartphones, watches usually don’t run out of power quickly. So, you might be worried if you have bought a luxury watch from the best online watch store and it stopped working after a few months.

Of course, you would be distressed why your watch start has stopped working. Nobody would be calm after knowing that one of the best Seiko watches that he/she has bought isn’t working anymore. But this is not the time to panic as there are a few things that you can do to fix your watch.

Sometimes watches stop working due to their age or because they have been in a store for a long time. We have enlisted the five most common reasons why a watch could stop working. You can easily fix these issues if you know what you have to do.

  1. Battery

Most of the time watches stop working because they have dead batteries. Quality watches normally don’t use batteries but in case they have, they are supposed to work longer. Usually, a battery watch can run on a battery for almost two years. There are a few things that can affect the life or performance of your watch battery.

  • Battery size
  • Analog or digital watch
  • Special features
  • Chronograph function

Use of watch in extreme temperatures

In case your watch has stopped working, battery is the first thing you must check. You can get it checked from an expert technician and replace the battery if it is dead. However, don’t remove the battery by yourself as you might end up damaging other features of your watch.

  1. Physical Damage

Physical damage is another major reason that could cause your watch to stop. Everyday activities at home or workplace may cause damage and components inside your watch may break or become loose. Accidental drops can also cause affect the performance of your watch.

  1. Water Damage

Watches from top brands are water-resistant but sometimes only a single drop of water is enough to cause serious damage. Continuous exposure to water can cause the tiny parts inside your watch to rust. The situation becomes worse over time and you may have to replace the parts.

  1. High Electrical Currents

Electrical current in your body could be another reason why your watches don’t last long. You may have heard stories that a person doesn’t wear watches because they stop ticking only after a few months. Well, the stories are true and your watch may have stopped because either your body electrical current is too high or you work in an exposed electric environment.

  1. Poor Manufacturing

If you are a true watch enthusiast, you know watches are made of tiny pieces. There are so many teeny-tiny gears that sometimes one or a few of them are not set up correctly. These pieces may become detach after a short time and can cause the watch to stop displaying time. However, you can get your watch fixed by taking it to the manufacturer or the dealer shop.

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