Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

A Few Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas Meant for Your Employees

As Christmas Eve is approaching, most of your employees must already be in a holiday mood. This year’s holiday is however little different than any other year as the whole world was under the grip of COVID-19.

So, as a good employer, you must consider offering code vein gifts to all your employees so that they too will understand that you really care for them. This is the time when you can thank all your employees for their contribution to the growth of your business. 

You can get custom insulated bags from Custom Earth Promos which can be one of the attractive gifts for your employees. These bags are quite popular due to the following reasons:

  • Offers spill-proof food storage
  • Eco friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatility

Besides that, you can also consider a few other corporate gifts too e.g.

  1. Backpack

A trendy backpack can always be very useful for everyone and you can always consider this item as a corporate gift for your employee where you can also print your company logo too. 

  1. Sport water bottle

This kind of bottles available these days in the market are quite durable, as they are made of such material which is stain, shatter, and odor resistant. This item can be a perfect gift for those employees who normally spend time outside the work.

  1. Ballpoint stylus pen

This ballpoint stylus is a perfect gift for remote workers who are working from tablets or any other portable devices. It will combine a classic ballpoint silhouette along with an additional stylus function also on the top.

  1. Wireless charging pad

This can be a very useful gift for your employees as it can help them to charge their smartphones very easily by simply laying them on its pad feature. It can support wireless charging for all your QI enabled devices.

  1. Customizable desk caddie

You can always keep your all pens and many other desk items on your working table well organized. It can always be personalized with a 4-color process with wrap-around insert.

  1. Candle

This kind of candle can offer a soothing and relaxing fragrance for your employees while they will work from their home desks. You can also imprint your logo on the lid of the candle for added brand exposure.

  1. Insulated bottle

This kind of stainless-steel bottle is available with a screw-on cap and also a handle for convenient carry. You can select from white, black, red, blue, silver, or lime green, and also print your brand logo on the center.

  1. Webcam cover

You can also help your employees to protect their privacy by using this Private Eye webcam cover. It may also include a microphone blocker to protect audio from any potential hackers.

  1. Wireless headphones

These headphones work almost up to 33’ from a connected device and can offer 40mm drivers, which offers excellent sound quality. When fully charged it can provide 8 hours of playtime.

  1. Charger and Mouse pad combo

This wireless mouse pad can not only do the mouse function but also offers a very convenient charging option for your device.

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