Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Give your mobile the right protection and makeover it needs from Bewakoof’s exclusive back covers collection.

Today a kid who barely knows how to speak well knows what a mobile phone is literally. A mobile phone has become a trend statement wherein the color, brand, type of handset, and other added accessories show its personality and nature.

We use our mobiles every day, and they are our daily partner. So, there are high chances that it may get damaged following negligence and accidental mishaps. It brings the need for a premium mobile cover.

Why should we use mobile covers?

It has become mandatory to keep the phones safe as we cannot change our phones daily, unlike its accessories. Many phones have slippery backs, and an excellent mobile cover can add a bit of grip and support to keep it from sliding out of your hand.

The mobile cover protects the phone from scratches and other damages too. Apart from this, we keep phones on beds and tables; thus, the camera bump protrudes these days, which can get scratched easily by the dust and any other sharp object on the places where we keep our phones. And if you want to continue taking beautiful pictures, you need to have an excellent mobile cover.

Nowadays, brands provide plastic back and glass back in the phones, which are vulnerable to scratches and may also get broken from drops and cracks. Henceforth, the cases protect from drops up to some degree.

The mobile covers also provide an outlook for the owner. Covers come with photographs and pictures, which also display your personality and outlook. They can also be a perfect gift for your loved ones, showing your love and care for them and speculating your endearment.

The best part is if you are using the same mobile phone model, which many of your colleagues, friends, relatives, and family members have, you can purchase a trendy phone cover and make your smartphone look distinctive and attractive from others at the same time.

If you want your phone to look attractive and new every time, all you have to do is repurchase a phone cover. You will be able to buy many different phone covers and thus, using the same phone will never be boring anymore.

Why buying your mobile cover online by is better than buying it offline by a random store?

There are both online and offline forms of purchasing and selling of mobile phone covers. Both these sources are facing enormous competition due to their advantages and disadvantages. If we compare these online and offline stores of purchasing mobile phones, we can sum up to the following points:-

Price — Offline shops and outlets generally charge the MRP printed on the package of the mobile or other mobile accessories. At the same time, online stores offer good discounts for mobile phone covers. In addition to this, season sales and other exclusive sales are also there for the customers. You can find all such exciting offers at our portal.

Return & Replacement Policy — Once the mobile phones and accessories are sold from some of the stores, they are not taken back for return. However, buyers can quickly return the iPhone 11 case or any other model’s mobile cover purchased from online stores, including ours, by retaining the bill and box.

Physical comfort- We love a good bargain. Nothing beats being able to feel, smell, or touch your purchase on the ground. But again, online shopping has provided us the feature to buy our desires without going outside – it’s a continuous battle between the two methods.

Unlimited shopping- With online shopping, you can shop a lot from your home’s comfort only with an Internet connection. Additionally, your purchases aren’t limited to anything, and you can visit any website within a click.

Takes more effort- Offline shopping takes more measures than just waking up and logging onto your laptop. With this method, you put in more effort, which takes up money and time like petrol, diesel, time, money, and getting ready.

Now, let’s talk about money and how much you save when shopping online or offline.

If you fairly weigh the online shopping against the offline method, the delivery charge is equal to how much you would spend if you were going to the shop. Sometimes online shopping websites like Bewakoof give free delivery benefits when paying over a certain amount.

Additionally, you can use some discount codes which are only applicable to online shopping. holds occasional sales where prices are less to 40%. It is when online shopping will benefit you because these codes and deals aren’t present in offline stores.

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